No Need To Starve Yourself, According To Scientists The Ideal Woman Body Has Different Standards


Every human body is differently built up. Neither of them is equal in size. However, does the ideal women’s body exist? According to the scientists, it exists.

This should not sound strange to you. Read the article and find out how the perfect women’s body looks like according to the scientists.

A team of scientists, who come from Texas, claim that the ideal women’s body is 1.68 meters high, whereas the weight, bust and hip proportions are 63, 99, and 91 respectively.

If you cannot imagine the ideal women’s body, it looks like this. This is Kelly Brook, a 33-year old actress and model, from England. Most people would think that she is overweight. It happened when Kelly tried to enter into the modeling world. However, when it comes to desirableness, scientists believe that she has an ideal body.

Why desirableness is so essential? Namely, it represents the most significant characteristic that a woman can possess, scientifically fertility. Hence, the main aim of all spices is to endorse future generations – a human figure indicates the capability of both pregnancy and feeding. Men are usually attracted by women’s body and facial traits, just as Kelly Brook, traits that are connected to good healthy and youth. Researches have shown that this attraction exceeds culture. Namely, if we compare two men, who come from completely different backgrounds, they will be probably attracted by a woman with healthy and youthful traits.

So, why the model are skinny?

The reason for this is because they try to sell clothes, not to promote fertility. Jennifer Lee, a former model of the designer Karl Lagerfeld, totally agrees with it. Namely, the models are employed in order to show the structure and the line of the clothes they are wearing. This is why there are a few women like Kelly brook in the modeling world. However, even though the skinny models can make dresses look appealing on the runway, according to the recent study that Kelly took place in, men usually prefer larger women.

Being skinny is a sign of unhealthy way of life, which may lead to numerous health issues. However, being overweight is not good, too. The key is to try to find a balance.

What do you think about the image of an ideal female body? Leave your comments. Watch the video below to find out more about the female body throughout the history.




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