Identify GMO Tomatoes In Two Easy Steps, Stop Eating Poison!


According to many health experts and doctors, we should be consuming more raw fruits and vegetables. We certainly agree with this recommendation. However, there is something negative in this.

Nowadays, the market is full with GMO or genetically modified organisms. So, the fruits and vegetables that we buy are definitely not natural and safe for consumption. According to numerous studies, the genetically modified fruit and vegetables can cause terrible side effects. They can seriously harm our overall health. We must start being more careful.

The most horrible thing about this is that most people cannot recognize the difference between GMO products and the natural ones. For instance, they cannot differentiate between natural products and GMO tomatoes or other GMO fruits and vegetables. However, you should stop being worried. In this article, you can learn who to recognize GMO tomatoes easily. You will now know what you are buying and eating.

Is GMO safe?

First of all, you should know that there are two different viewpoints about the safety and healthiness of genetically modified products. The first view is of the scientists and industry leaders which support GMO products and the second view is of the people who believe that GMO products are extremely harmful.

Then, you should know that genetically modified products have been associated with dead and sterile livestock, allergic and toxic reactions, as well as to damage of every organ on animals in labs. In most nations, GMO products are not considered as something safe. For instance, in Japan, Australia and the countries which are part of the European Union there are bans and restrictions on the sale and production of GMO products.

Labeling of GMO

To protect yourself of GMO products, you have to know how these products are labeled. The fruits and vegetables that are grown with the injection of chemicals, which is the normal way, have a code that has 4 digits. On the other side, organic products have a 5 digit code that starts with 9.

Finally, GMO products have a 5 digit code that starts with number eight.
You must know these tips of recognizing GMO products because eighty percent of the foods in the US are genetically modified. The countries that prohibited the production of GMO are Luxemburg, Austria, Hungary, France, Greece and Germany.


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