If You Have At Least 4 Of These Traits, Than You Are One Of The Rarest People On Earth


INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging) is an initialism used to refer to a personality type. Carl Jung, a prominent psychiatrist, developed the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). INFL is the rarest of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, making less than 2 % of the world’s population.

Jung believes that the general attitude represents the people’s personality: introversion preferred to extraversion, intuition preferred to sensing, feeling preferred to thinking and judgment preferred to perception. INFJs are those people, whose personalities are in favor of Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.

INFJs cannot be easily noticed, as they aren’t prevalent in the society and tend to be rather reserved. However, they are loyal friends, organized and empathetic workers and great leaders.


1. They focus on important things

These people always focus on important things in life. Moreover, they deal up with life challenges in an easy way. Even when things do not go as they have planned, they manage to achieve their aims.

2. They believe in their gut

INFJs have strong intuition. If they notice a problem, they try to find a solution immediately. Moreover, they can feel when something bad is going to happen.

3. They are empathetic

They are very generous and helpful. If somebody needs help, they will help them. They can understand other people’s feelings. As they absorb other people’s emotions and feelings, they need to spend time on their own in order to recharge their batteries. Not only do they take care of their close relatives and friends, but they also care of the state of the whole world.

4. They think about their future

If they are on their own, they tend to think about their future. This gives them a lot of original and creative ideas.

5. They are keen on writing

These people are very creative and want to express their thoughts. However, as they prefer to spend time on their own, they express themselves through writing. When they write their thoughts and feelings, they feel calmer and more peaceful.

6. They possess problem-solving abilities

Their ability to see the bigger picture helps INFJs to solve their problems easily. They are able to see the wrong things and to find a solution to fix them.

7. They are inspiring

As INFJs are visionaries and creative, they serve as an inspiration to lots of people, especially their friends.

8. They are good at reading other people’s minds

Empathetic people are able to read other people’s minds though their expression of emotions. They can easily notice if somebody is lying. This personality trait helps them to stay away from people with bad intentions.

9. They have a few chosen friends

INFJs choose their friends carefully. As they prefer solitude, they like spending time on their own. Therefore, they avoid hanging in social groups.

10. They are hard-working

Even though people from the other personality types are lazy, the INFJs are hard-working. They always put a lot of effort in everything they do. They know that they must work hard if they want to achieve their goals.

11. They are perfectionists

They do not do anything halfway, they strive for perfectionism. However, they often put off productive solutions or healthy relationships, thinking that there may be a better option on their way. They may experience burnouts if they are not careful enough.

12. They can be oversensitive

If someone criticizes their values or principles, INFJs may receive an alarming response. They do not want to take part in arguments and are vulnerable to criticism and conflicts.

13. They cannot stand small talks

INFJs cannot stand surface-level conversations. They want to discuss important stuff, without wasting their time on meaningless information.

14. They are determined and passionate

INFJs are determined and strong-willed. If they want to achieve something, they do their best. Their passion and persistence give them the strength to get things done.

15. They avoid talking about their private life

When it comes to their life, INFJs tend to be private. Then avoid opening up truly to other people, even to their close friends. It is even more challenging to trust a new friend.

Do you have 4 of these personality traits? If yes, you are one of the rarest people in the world.


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