Are These The Illuminati Families That Rule The World?

While the powerful and wealthy elite are planning to take over the world and its limited resources, there are 13 Illuminati families which secretly control the whole planet.

People are not familiar with the fact that these powerful and shadowy families which are part of the New World Order, are planning to cause widespread destruction all around the planet in the years to come.

At the top of the pyramid there is an extremlly powerful and elitist organisation which is known as the Council consisted of the 13 most dominant families in the world. It coordinates and controls the world’s major events.

Approximately, 99% of the world’s population is pretty aware that the world is controlled by 1% of the most elitist families. However, the Council’s 13 families represent less than 1% of this elite and no one on this planet can become a member of their organization.

These families are convinced that they were privileged to rule the world since they claim themselves to be royal and that their ancestors were the ancient gods. These are the 13 families:

1. Rothschild
2. Kennedy
3. Bruce
4. Krupp
5. Rockfeller
6. Hapsburg
7. De Medici
8. Plantagenet
9. Hanover
10. Sinclair
11. Romanov
12. Warburg
13. Windsor

Undoubtedly, the Rothschild family is the most powerful one since its wealth is estimated to be approximately $500 trillions. Their power and wealth are due to the World Banking Empire, which is owned by them.

These are the most influential institutions that put great effort to enslave the whole world’s population:

• 1. The City of London – finance, in charge of the Rothschild family. It is not part of the United Kingdom.

• 2. The US Federal Reserve – finance, a private bank owned by Rothschilds. It is not part of the United States.

• 3. The Vatican City, which is not part of the Italy. Its main goals are deception, scare tactics and indoctrination.

• 4. Washington D.C. It does not belong to the United States and its goals are brainwashing, depopulation, programming and military purposes.

These organizations function as separate states, they have their own laws and rules. Unfortunately, there is no such court in the world which can prosecute them.

The Secret Societies that exist today are part of the mega corporation controlled by the Council of the thirteen families.

The members of these Secret Societies are not part of the elite, although they are rewarded for their achievements and work. They are also not familiar with the agenda and have no idea who their masters are.


In order to enslave the mass population, this organization uses the educational system. The school programs differ from those in the past and children are usually memorizing the material without being able to think on their own and question the things they are supposed to learn.

As a matter of fact, in the age of advanced technology and internet the educational system becomes obsolete and expensive. It is due to the fact that children have free access to various information on internet and also the elite families and world masters orchestrate what the children are going to learn, preventing them to think outside the box.

How to solve this problem?

There are two things which can happen as a result of this problem. Mankind will either become completely enslaved or it will use its power to destroy the pyramid of the elite families and organisations. We can achieve that only if we join our efforts and start a peaceful revolution of hearts, souls and minds.

There is a combination of various tools the organizations use to enslave the people, such as constant indoctrination, poor education, monetary system, causing fear of punishment among the people. All these things influence our society and the way we perceive the things. However, the most powerful tool in their hands is the financial system.

People became currency slaves

This is due to the financial system which made the people currency slaves. They work 8 hours per day and the working environments are usually depressing and not stimulating.

The only motivation people have is the next payment. Regardless of how much they work, they never have enough amount of money.

It is already known that the mega corporations pay huge amount of money to their CEOs and they give minimum wage to their employees. The purpose of this is to deprive the people of self-education, spiritual awakening and introspection.

They prevent us to develop our spirituality which is the main purpose of our earthly existence. The reason for this is that spiritually guided and educated people, able to think on their own are dangerous for their organizations.

On the contrary, enslaving people and transforming them into robots who are intelligent enough to accomplish their tasks successfully, but stupid enough to question the things, is the easiest way to keep them under control.

Money represents the evil

The financial plague made profit out of wars, diseases, human slavery, inhumane working environment and Earth’s plundering and it made our masters corrupted by money as well.

However, we do not really need the financial system because the Earth does not charge us for using the natural resources. Moreover, the advanced technology may help us to extract these resources without even working.


One of the brilliant minds who devoted his life to designing our future is the industrial and social designer Jacque Fresco.

According to him, the cities’ construction will be based on autonomous robots which will be self-sustainable and eco-friendly.

A widespread topic among people is also the transition towards this kind of future where money will lose its value and people will work in the best conditions which will help them to develop their potentials. This would be extremely beneficial for our species.

The question is whether people are ready to escape the enslavement and embrace the new way of living or they will let the New World Order to shape their future.



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