Unbelievable Ancient Secrets Revealed After The Indian River Drained Out For The First Time

The consumption of water and drought drained out the Shamala River in Karnataka, India.

The secret that was discovered in the river’s bank shocked the entire archaeological community. There were many Shiva Lingas in the river.

The place called Sahasralinga is a pilgrimage site, which is visited by many people, who want to pray to Lord Shiva. The Shiva Lingas represent Shiva, a Hindu deity.

Sahasralinga is a place that represents positive energy and divine power. The new Shiva Lingas discovered in the bank of the Indian River show that our world is still full of secrets about our ancestors. As they are becoming revealed, we must remember to honor, protect and preserve them the best we can because they represent our history and tradition.

In this article, you can see photos of these newly discovered carvings.

Enjoy them!



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