Inuit Elders Issued A Dire Warning To The World And NASA ”The Earth Has Shifted”


The Inuit elders of north Arctic have been famous for their talent for predicting the coming weather. Today, they warn NASA and the world that the Earth is changing and there is no exact prediction any more.

This warning, which says that the Earth and the sky have changed, has been conveyed to NASA and to the world.

Namely, the Inuit have found out that there are changes in the atmosphere, the sun rises in various locations and the sunset has shifted way over. In addition, the temperate increases more quickly than in the past, the north wind has changed and the hours of daylight have completely changed, as they daylight is higher on the horizon.

Since the sun, the moon and the starts have shifted, they are no longer able to predict the coming weather accurately.

Find out more information in the video below:



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