Italian Doctor Says – Cancer Is Only a Fungus And It Can Be Treated With Baking Soda


According to Tullio Simoncini, an Italian doctor, cancer is only a fungus that can effectively be destroyed with baking soda. The doctor has used the baking soda treatment on many patients and claims to be perfectly effective.

The therapy with baking soda is completely safe and cancer patients cannot lose anything by trying it. The dreadful reality of most cancer cases is caused by the failures of oncology.

It is evident that modern oncology is not able to give answers to all the questions. Therefore, the entire human kind and especially the medical and scientific community should try to find the cure for the most deadly disease of modern time – cancer.

Cancer – fungus

A century ago, there was a theory that cancer is caused by a malfunction of the genes which makes cancer an intracellular disease. However, this doctor believes that cancer is a simple fungal infection and a special phenomenon on a cellular level. The entire medical community was shocked when this doctor made these claims.


In the world of plants, carcinoma is caused by a fungal infection and the same may be correct about humans. Fungi have a tumor in them and this has been scientifically proven in both in vitro and in vivo studies. However, scientists believe that the tumors appear after the disease. On the other side, Simoncini believes that the tumors are already there. They are created by the fungi, they weaken the immune system and finally attack the entire body.

All types of cancer are caused by Candida and several studies have shown that the histological structure is a result of the defensive measure against the attack. The body’s tissues eventually get tired fighting and they start to produce cells that cannot be identified. According to this doctor, cancer is a type of ulcer where deformed cells accumulate and start to form a colony.

Baking soda

The usual medicines that are used against fungus are ineffective against cancer because they can only affect the cells’ surface. Fortunately, there is something that can destroy the fungal colonies. This remedy for cancer is baking soda. For skin cancer, it is best to use it along with iodine tincture. There are many studies that prove that baking soda is excellent against cancer.

The baking soda treatment

Doctor Simoncini has been using the baking soda treatment on his patients for 20 years. Many of the patients have been completely cured. They have even been given detrimental diagnosis before trying the baking soda treatment. The best way to eliminate cancer is for the tumor to be in direct contact with baking soda. This can be achieved by inhalations for tumors of the upper part of the respiratory system, applying enema for cancer of the digestive tract and intravenous injections for tumors of the lungs and the brain. Local perfusion can be used to treat subcutaneous, lymph system and breast tumors. Direct application of baking soda in the arteries can be used as a treatment of tumors on the internal organs.

In the treatment of all the types of cancer with baking soda it is essential to get the right dose. For instance, 500cm of 8.4 or 5% solution are needed for phlebocilis, while in some cases you only need a small dose. It is also essential for the treatment to last for at least 6 days because the tumors reappear between the third and the fourth they and are destroyed in the fourth or fifth day. the treatment should be repeated 4 times. There are also no serious side effects, besides weakness and thirst.

If you have skin cancer, you should rub a 0.7 percent iodine tincture on the affected spots on the skin at least 20 times a day. this treatment will help you get rid of the cancer and it will not return.

Candida infection symptoms:

• Obsessive compulsive disorders
• Nausea
• Brain fog
• Chronic digestive problems
• Sugar cravings
• Starch cravings
• Chronic fatigue
• Irritability
• Anxiety
• Chronic skin problems
• Mood swings

If you have at least two of the symptoms, you may have a candida infection that can eventually develop into cancer.

Treatment and prevention

If you have candida you have to stay away from foods that feed it, such as rice, bread, pasta, candy and other sugars and starches. Instead, consume grapefruit seeds, raw fruits and steamed vegetables.

The therapy

Baking soda destroys the tumors quickly because it alkalinizes the body. If you have oral, rectal, colon or stomach cancer, take 1 teaspoons of baking soda with a glass of water every morning for 30 days. Doctor Simoncini uses intravenous baking soda injections and the therapy lasts for 24 days. Fungal infections of the vagina are the major cause for vaginal and cervical tumors. To prevent this, wash your intimate area with 2 liters of water and two tablespoons of baking soda.


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