A 95 Year Old Man Who Has Discovered The Fountain Of Youth!

Kazim Gurbuz, a 95 year old man who is extremely proficient in yoga, looks like he is only 50. His love life is still active and he believes that following some simple rules will make everyone live up to 130.

He says that his intention is to become 130 years old. He is believed to do some magic that makes him look so young, but the things are simpler. He was interviewed by the Daily Hurriyet where he revealed all his secrets. He recommends eating olives, honey and chestnuts, keeping the body flexible and avoiding meat. Consuming peppers, pinto beans, pepper sauce, soup and herbal tea is also beneficial. The meat causes the most damage in the body, so it is not recommendable for consumption. In order to provide the body with proteins consuming edible seeds is enough, says Kazim.

At the age of 41 he broke his back and was paralyzed. Doctors believed he could never walk again.

However, Gurbuz stated that he made 63 experiments on his body. He had even convinced some of his friends to crack his vertebrae bones. Nine months after he had made this experiment he could walk again. He also said that the strength of will and the power of mind also matter.

He looks like he is 50 and leads his life like he is 40, acts like he is 30 and he feels like he is 20. This is due to his diet, his strong mind and the strong will.

He can endure in the yoga “knot” position for 48 hours. He can also hold his breath for 5 minutes and has orgasms 3 or 5 times daily.

He says that he feels the same like the time he was 20. For him his life began at the age of 65. He concluded that if people are aware of the power of mind and if they use it, they will live longer.

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