Keanu Reeves Sends A New Message To The World, It’s Really Eyeopening

We all know Keanu Reeves, the most famous Canadian musician, actor and producer. Starring in some blockbuster movies, as well as comedies, he became very famous at once. Not only his starring role made him famous, but also his wisdom. He is one of a few celebrities to possess this characteristic.

He sometimes shares his thoughts with the world. In this article, we are going to show you some of his thoughts that he sent to the world. Hopefully, we can learn a lot from his inspiring thoughts.

He stated that he refused to be part of the world where some men dressed up their wives like prostitutes and show everything that should be admired. If in the world there is no dignity or honor, a person can only depend on people, when they promise something.

Moreover, he refused to be part of the world where women avoid having children and men avoid having families, a part of the world where suckers consider themselves as successful because of the cars that belong to their fathers, and powerless fathers who try to make you believe that you are meaningless. He does not want to live in a world where people lie to believe in God, and lack basic knowledge of their religion, where modesty is regarded as a weakness, and jealousy is thought to be a shame, where people look for an ideal partner, but do not know what real love is. In addition, he refuses to be a part of the world where people try to repair their old cars, to look as expensive ones, only to show that they are not poor, without sparing themselves, their time and money. A part of the world where young boys waste the money of their parents in discos, and girls start to love them only because of their parents’ money, where both women and men cannot be easily identified, and have a freedom of choice to do whatever they want. However, those who choose to be different are considered as retarded. In the end, he stated that he has already chosen his way, but unluckily, he did not find the same understanding in people in which he believed he would certainly find it.


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