Life Has Thought Me These 8 Things – Pass It On Ladies


1. Take time to evaluate your aims

Many people may spend their time on things that they do not want or they may never try to achieve their goals in life.

Take a rest once in a year to find out which things in life are significant to you and whether they have changed with time. However, do not make a pause there, but make some changes to assure that you are achieving your aims in life.

For some women, this means to be a better mother for their children, whereas for others it means to save their budget and waste less.

For other women, it means to de-clatter their busy calendars in order to focus on their emotional and spiritual growth and development. While learning about yourself, try to respect your values and aims.

2. Do not try to please everybody

It may sound good to be a person who tries to please everybody. In fact, who does not want to have a friendly relationship with the people around?

However, being a person, who tries to please everybody, make lead you into a vicious circle which makes you depressive, frustrated and ineffective at making yourself happy. You have only 24 hours and a limited amount of energy to do what you want.

Sometimes, you may need to reject overworking or reuniting with family. You should take time in order to recharge yourself. Sanity and relationships will be grateful to you when you notice that not everybody’s opinion is valuable to you.

Ali McGraw, a model, an actress and animal right activist, discussed why it is hard to reject other people and how she decided to practice it more often. Watch the video below to find out more about it.

3. Learn to age gracefully

By convincing women that they are not smart, beautiful and attractive anymore as they get older, lots of money is made. You will be more satisfied and confident when you learn to appreciate the body whatever age you are.

Ali McGraw in an interview in Mat, 2017 stated that she was worried about whether her body looked good. Therefore, she advised all women to forget their gray hair, their freckles, their stretch marks, their laugh lines, and to remember that they are beautiful they way they are.

4. Do not compare yourself to other people

It is very hard to try not to compare yourself to your rinds, coworkers, neighbors, and the social media. However, it is true that no one’s life is perfect as it may seem.

So, rather than comparing your negative sides to other people’s, try to realize that a book is not judges by its cover. In addition, learn from your mistakes, cherish the good, and find comfort whenever you feel sad. Your life is unique, and each life is full with positive experiences.

Ali McGraw stated they she did not believe in perfectionism. It represents just an obsession. Being a social, interactive person is more significant than anything else.

5. Do not wait for a recognition

Ladies, you should be your own biggest fan. Many times, your works will be neglected even by the people you care of. Rather than waiting for other people to show their appreciations, try to learn to be grateful to yourself. If you receive any other recognition, you will get a bonus.

6. You should not stress yourself about being healthy

The human health is very important. However, people make a mistake when they believe that physical health is separated from metal health. If you are checking the weight on a daily basis, if you feel guilty whenever you eat a dessert or miss a workout, you are failing to care of you health properly.

Except the fact that severe stress is related to serious health issues, make sure you are taking proper care of you, so that you can enhance your health.

7. Share your own stories and experiences

It is important to share your past experiences, so that future generations can learn a lot from them.

You do not have to learn your children o r grandchildren about your stories, but share your experiences openly, so that you can see how much listeners appreciate you and the things they can learn from you.

8. Seize the day

Take up new things whenever you can. Enjoy in your life and learn to say no, o that you can find time for the things you love doing.

Face up with your fears. Love sincerely. Learn to forgive other people. Take a lot of pictures and make memories. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy it.

Reference: The Hearty Soul


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