24 Life Tips Everyone Needs To Know And Actually Use In Real Life!


When we speak of life advice, I usually think that smaller things are much better. All of us want to travel around, but not many people can afford it. We should take care of ourselves, of our partners, children and home. Life advice that we can use in everyday situations can have a great impact on our lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to present you 26 pieces of advice that you may find useful in life.


1. Study the keyboard shortcuts. You may save time by using ctrl + c and ctrl + z to copy and paste.

2. Clean when you go. If you clean your home, when it has turned up into a mess, it means that you live in a cottage. In turn, this may lead to a negative impact on your overall health. Apply the 2-minute rule, and clean your home immediately.

3. Do workouts regularly. Consistence is the main key of doing progress in life. You should learn how to use your determination rather than motivation.

4. Back up the data. Just think about how you would feel if suddenly all your data faded away. All you have to do is to back them up.

5. Before sharing some post on Facebook, make sure you know what it is about. In order to avoid additional problems, Google it.

6. Eat slowly. The body needs 20 minutes to digest the food and to give a signal that you have consumed enough food. If you eat quickly, you may consume more calories than you should.

7. Do not talk about religion or politics with other people, especially with your close friends. You and they have opinions, which neither of you will change.

8. While driving, think of other people as your close friends. It will completely change your life perspective and make your trip less stressful.

9. Always turn up on time. Never be late. If you are late, people will find you inconsiderate.

10. Travel whenever you can. It can help you to expand your mind.

11. Take down a bucket list. It will help you to enjoy in life and be more satisfied.

12. Go to the library regularly. We face up with lots of noise and stress every day. You can avoid them only if you go to the library.

13. Observe how people treat workers. People, who usually underestimate workers, are unkind and impolite people.

14. If you like a loved person to feel special, write him / her a letter. Everyone wants to receive letter (not bills).

15. Never accredit something to resentment, as it can be accredited to stupidity.

16. You have a problem that worries you. Think about it, would you have the same problem after 5 years. If not, calm down.

17. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. They mark the time that goes by.

18. When you think about some painful experience, just remember the Seinfeld music playing in the background.

19. Do not blame other people for your problems. Sometimes, even though some people are not right, if you are not responsible for the problem, you will never find a solution for it.

20. You may be juiciest peach in the world, but remember, there are people in the world that cannot stand peaches. Do not bother yourself just to please everybody.

21. Eliminate negative people from your life.

22. On the deathbed, people do not regret what they did in the past. Namely, they regret what they did not do.

23. Superiority is not a noble characteristic. Nobility is to learn how to be superior to the former self. E. Hemingway said that we should aim to be better than we are the day before.

24. We judge other people by their actions, whereas we judge ourselves by our intentions. We are all fighting our own battles, we are not aware of other people’s problems and fears. We should judge others as we judge ourselves.

25. Moods are catchy. Try to be happy. If you are smiling and happy wherever you go, people will think of you as a positive and happy person.

26. Improve your social life. Avoid spending the evenings on your own. Let your life be full and exciting. Try to find people with similar or same interests and characteristics.


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