Find Out Your Mayan Zodiac Symbol And Name


Astrology is a n everlasting source of various calculations which can provide incredibly interesting information about us. In this article we will focus on the Mayan astrology system and its zodiac symbols.

However, before introduce the Mayan Zodiac, we need to have a look at the Mayan calendar system in order to get better picture of your Mayan astrology sign.

The Mayans have three calendar systems. The first system is called The Long Count and it calculates times and dates on the grounds of astronomical events. The start date of this calendar is 6th September 3114 BC and the end date is 21st September 2012.

The second is called The Tzolkin Calendar and it has 260 days. It is still a mystery what purpose this calendar had for the Mayans.

Since it does not include a full calendar year it is not used for astrological purposes. The third calendar is called The Haab Calendar and is the closest to the standard 365-day year.

The Haab includes 18 months of 20 days each, and the final 19th month has 5 “nameless days at the end. As a result, the Mayan Astrology Signs are divided into 19 zodiac signs.

1. Ch’en (01.02. – 21.02.)

People born in the sign of Ch’en are people of the night. They draw power in the hours before the first light and past dusk. They are connected with the lunar energy and their cardinal direction is the West.

2. Yax (22.01. – 10.02.)

Venus is the ruling planet of this sign which makes these people gentle and loving. They are peace-keepers inclined to bring harmony. Their cardinal direction is the South.

3. Sac (11.02. – 02.03.)

People in the Sac sign are day people. They get their power in the early morning. Their animal is the frog which means that they have great ability for adaptability and feel comfort when facing changes. Their power lies in the change. Their cardinal direction is the North.

4. Keh (03.03. – 22.03.)

Those born in the sign of Keh have inclination towards nature. They have the energy of fire and their color is red. Their animal is the deer which makes them gentle and noble. Their cardinal direction is the East.

5. Mak (23.03. – 11.04.)

This is the most mysterious zodiac sign. The words that best describe these people are cover and enclosed which means that they do best when away from others. Their animal is the bear which means they like spending their time in reflection and mediation. Their number is 3 which is the number of divinity, balance and completion.

6. K’ank’in (12.04. – 01.05.)

These are people of the earth and sun. The solar rays bring wisdom for these people. Their totem animal is the dog which means loyalty and inner strength.

7. Muwan (02.05 -21.05.)

Those born in this sign have affinity for fire and water. Times of storm which combines these two elements bring power for these people. Their totem animal is the owl which means ability of vision and truth.

8. Pax (22.05. – 10.06.)

Their totem animal is the jaguar which means leadership and strength. Their element is steam which is a combination of fire, water and earth. The drum is the instrument that will bring stability and balance in their life.

9. Kayab (11.06. – 30.06.)

They possess natural affinity for the moon and spiritual endeavors. They are in search of deeper meaning. Their totem animal is the turtle which means ancient wisdom.

10. Kumk’u (01.07. – 20.07.)

Their animal is the crocodile which possesses gift of survival, timing and patience. Change surrounds them but it does not affect them. They have dualistic nature and can see opposite perspectives clearly. They honor wisdom.

11. Wayeb (21.07. – 25.07.)

Those born in the sign of Wayeb are the anomaly in the Mayan astrology signs. All other signs have 20-day time span whereas the Wayeb span of time is 5 days out of the year.

This is so because the Mayans felt that the natural balance was affected by some other forces during the Wayeb days. This means that people born in the sign of Wayeb have strong connection to other worlds and realms.

12. Pop (26.07. -14.08.)

They are born leaders and bring clear vision and direction to those around them. They also possess sensitivity for other people’s needs. They are linked to the earth and their totem animal is the jaguar.

13. Wo (15.08. – 03.09.)

They share similarities with Che’n and Sac signs. They gain wisdom in the hours after dusk and before dawn. Their totem animal is the frog. They are mystical people in search of hidden mysteries and wisdoms.

14. Sip (04.09. – 23.09.)

People born in the sign of Sip are strongly inclined towards fire and air. Their power animal is the deer which is a symbol of grace and nobleness.

15. Sotz (24.09. – 13.10.)

These people have two totem animals: the bat and the fish. They are highly sensitive and deeply subconscious. Air and water are their elements.

16. Sec (14.10. – 02.11.)

Their elements are earth and sky. They are mentally strong and extremely practical and grounded. They have eyes for details and gift to carefully examine each situation and find adequate solution.

17. Xul (03.11. – 22.11.)

Their totem animal is the dog. These people the traits common for this animal such as loyalty, strength and dedication. They are also strongly connected to the next life and thus can help people in overcoming their fears of death.

18. Yaxk’in (23.11. – 12.12.)

The people born in this sign are characterized as natural healers who provide protection against darkness and disease. However, they have one weakness of being doubtful and indecisive.


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