Is Our First Alien Encounter Really Close? And Why It Can Happen Sooner Than We Think!

In the next ten years, a life could be found out on a planet similar to the Earth.

Nowadays, one of the most common questions is whether we are alone in the Universe. A great number of films, such as: ‘Arrival’, ‘Contact’ as well as ‘Close Encounters of the Third King’, have already investigated whether there is life somewhere in the Universe and inquired what would happen, in case, or when, we eventually directly face up with it.

Nowadays, in order to acquire a scientific view of extraterrestrials, National Geographic has shown a comedian, as one who looked up for a Ph.D. in physics. Ben Miller, emcee of the British TV Show ‘It is not Rocket Science’, has lately published a book named ‘The Aliens are coming! The Extraordinary Science behind our Search for Life in the Universe! Miller, from his home in Gloucestershire, in England, announced that the TESS project was eventually able to depict if there is life somewhere in the Universe, the ways in which science and comedy are linked with each other, and the reasons why Rosetta Stone is necessary for the interpretation of the alien replies.

In his book, he wrote that people are living in one of the most amazing revolutions in the history of science – and that is the prediction that people are not alone in the Universe. He stated that while he was at University, people were not definitely certain whether there were other planets around the stars and whether the Universe is alone. However, in the several past decades, people were on an amazing journey, where they become aware of other planets around the stars. What is still unusual is the fact that people started searching for other planets for a long time as a result of the technology at that time. Today, people are able to take a close look at the stars on their own.

Lately, there was an unbelievable invention that the star that is the nearest to us, like a red dwarf, has got a planet named Proxima B. And it is not the only unusual thing; the planet is on the best location from the star in order to have water on its surface. Namely, it is considered as the most essential thing for life. To add, the conditions for life may have just been discovered.


According to Jeff Marlowe, a biologist, wherever we find out water on Earth, there is life. Regardless, in case, we want to find out a life on Mars, we need to take into consideration the ancient life that existed on Earth before. Mainly, most of the beliefs about the new life are not connected to the space, but to the oceans. It also gives us more information about the extremophiles. It is like an unbelievable story. From the beginning of the 1960s, a lot of living beings, mostly presented as single cells, were found in a state which was not suitable for life. For the first time, they were discovered in Yellowstone Park, in springs with temperatures of more than 90 degrees Celsius. It namely changed the way in which they have previously thought about the alive forms of aliens. They have already discovered bacterial life on the internal side of the nuclear power stations, in rocks within the Earth as well as high in the atmosphere. It suggests that there are more real terms for life outside in the galaxy. At the same time, it also suggests that, we have to carefully reconsider in which sphere of life we belong. Today, people think that the life on Earth began at the bottom of an ocean, in incredibly warm, volcanic springs. The main thing is that it makes people reconsider again the concept of extrmophile. So, when people think about it, they represent the extrmophiles, that sit and have a conversation, breath oxygen, at incredibly low temperatures compared to those when life on the Earth began. And what is more is that they are not in water at all. People represent an amazingly, highly organized species of bacteria, which began their journey in the hot, volcanic spring at the bottom of an ocean. This means that one of their ancestors was a rock.


How many ears has Captain Kirk got? The reply is three, and those are the left ear, the right ear, as well as the front one. Then, he laughs. However, the connection between the space and the comedy is strong. As well as comedy, science is a skeptical chase. There is a continual tradition of linking comedy and science, beginning with Douglas Adams to Monty Python. There were also the songs about the Universe and Evolution by Eric Idle. In the TV Shows, there were also a lot of sketches about the global warming. He retells that a man, who is looking out of the window, while it is raining, tells to his wife to look at it, how it dripped out, and how he connected it to global warming. Then, he laughs again.

According to Stephen Hawking, people should not try to make a contact with other alien civilizations. Why does he think like that? Do you completely agree with his statement?

It is not easy at all to interpret his statements. He is a strong supporter of ‘The Breakthrough Listen Project’, which suggests that people should give a fund for the investigation of the million nearest stars, in order to see whether there are conditions for life on them. In fact, his viewpoint is that in cases when two civilizations make a contact with each other, the civilization that has not highly developed technology would not experience success at all. The example that he gives is that it was not also successful for the North American Indians when they come across the Western settlers. So, there is also an enormous risk. However, he thinks that the thing that is reached is much more important that the risk itself.

In case there is a reply from the outer space, people would not be able to comprehend it. In which way do the Egyptian hieroglyphics aid people to realize the conundrum?

People were able to unscramble the hieroglyphs thanks to Napoleon, who made a decision to extend Egypt and to take with him the most intelligent scientists and philosophers of that time. However, the hieroglyphs were extremely hard to understand. What did a photo of a bee represent? Did it represent a bee, or the idea of being stung, or did it maybe represent some phonetic symbol?

There was some advance when the troops of Napoleon broke down the old bastion at the harbor of Rosetta and found out three completely different inscriptions on the stone. One was written in ancient Greek, another one was in hieroglyphs, whereas the third one was written in an intermediate level of the Egyptian language. Then, the stone was named as Rosetta Stone and it represented a way to easily comprehend the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

When people got a reply from the aliens, they would not possess this stone, so it would be difficult to understand the message fully. Until now, people have already suggested some ideas how they may create the stone, as well as how people may compose messages, and send them back to the aliens, which may have something in common, like mathematicians or the rate of the electors to the protons.

What is more important is the fact the richer language we have; the easier it would be for us to comprehend the messages from the aliens. Namely, the only problem about sending a short message to the aliens, similar to those that were posted at the Voyager Spacecraft or the Pioneer, is that they are too short so that people can interpret them. This is the main reason why most of the experts, such as Seth Shostak, the director of SETI, suggested sending it on the Internet. The Internet represents the most correct interpretation of who people really are. As an example, he mentioned cats that lick lollipops, or a thousand recipes for making American pancakes, etc. Then, he laughs again. He states that we are not as intelligent as we have presented ourselves in the messages that we have already sent.

NASA will ascent the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite – TESS, in 2017. What would be its mission?

Finally, people are able to take a look at the planets that are the closest to them. At first, they were not completely certain if any of the stars had planets. For that reason, they used the Kepler space telescope on a very compact surface of the star and at a very large distance from our galaxy. What was really surprising about Kepler was that it had discovered that most of the stars had got planets.

The transiting exoplanet survey satellite that will ascent in 2017, will only investigate the closest stars to us. It is supposed that it also may investigate the light that appears from the stars at the atmosphere and may found out which gases are present in the atmosphere. In case, you take a close look at the Earth and the oxygen on it, you would probably think that something unusual is happening on it. Namely, oxygen represents a highly active gas. So, what is its function in enormous quantity at the atmosphere? To add, people will investigate things like this, when they take a close look at the other planets.

And the last question that you probably suppose what is it: Are the aliens really coming soon?

In the next 10 years, people will definitely be sure whether there is life on the planets similar to the Earth. It may have a really great impact on the humans as a species. In case, there is life on the other Earth-like planets, the first thing you have in mind is the existence of other civilizations as well as other smart life-forms.

Right now, people are at an amazing position, which means our planet may be the only one to have life on it in the whole Universe. In this way, people will be closer to two amazing results, and those are that in the Universe people may be the only life-forms and that they are still not alone. Other species will be defined yet. It will only reflect on the way in which we think about ourselves, like our religion, the individual physics, politics and everything else. What remains is that one of these two interpretations is completely true. Namely, it is only us, or we are not alone at all.



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