It Is Thought That The DNA Of This Melanesian Tribe Is Related To Other Unfamiliar Species

A recent study has shown that the scientists have already proved that the population on the Melanesian Islands may have DNA, which is not familiar to us yet. The scientists’ evidence is namely based on the fact that the DNA is not closely related to the old species of the Denisovans or the Neanderthals, as it was thought previously.

To add, scientists strongly think that the DNA of the Melanesian tribe is related to some unfamiliar species that came from the South Pacific, northernmost of Australia.

Is There a Possibility For Some ‘OTHER’ Species To Be Found Out?

Recently, a study has been publishes by Bohlender, a scientist who does researches in the field of the human DNA and its importance, the relation between the humans and the Danisovans and the Neanderthals as well.
In his study, he has just come to a conclusion that the old history of the humans is not completely taken into consideration. According to him, humans do not have any similarities with the Danisovans or the Neanderthals, but they have some similarities to other unknown species.

It has been claimed that over 100.000 years ago, humans left Africa and mixed with other manlike species in Europe or other similar places.

A great number of already published studies show that from 1.5 % to 5 % of the human DNA is from other species. In addition, a recent study also suggests that the DNA from the Neanderthals is closely related to some diseases, including stress and depression, heart attacks, and so on. It also suggests that the Danisovans and the Neanderthals were the one who spread across the HPV.

Despite all these sources of information, Bohlender also emphasizes the fact that we may not fully know the history of the Neanderthals, or even it can be completely different from what we already know. He also claims that as a result of the major changes in the history of the Neanderthals as well as their history timeline, there may be still some unknown information about them to us. Here, he points out the third species that played an essential part at that time and that may give answers to the questions about the unfamiliar human DNA. Even though, his theory may be true, he still has not proved the existence of the so-called third species.

Until now, he has just found some bones and several teeth. However, we cannot claim that a new kind of human species will be discovered, since we have not clear evidence yet.



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