A Dog Protected A 4 Year-Old Missing Girl Who Was Believed To Be Dead

The Siberian forest is a place where one can easily get lost. Unfortunately, this happened to a 4 year old girl, Karina Chikitova.

However, she was lucky to survive since her dog Kyrachaan was with her.

Rescuers were looking for Karina for a whole week and they were on the verge to give up. Luckily, her dog Kyrachaan had showed up on their path pointing towards girl’s direction.

The rescuers found her in a tall grass bed, which was 4 miles far away from the village. The girl was scared and weak. Fortunately she did not have any wounds or serious injures, except for several scratches and bug bites.

The moment when Karina saw her dog approaching with the rescuers in her direction she asked him why did he left her.

The story of Karina survival and her dog became very popular around the world. In addition, a few months later, the girl, her dog and their friendship inspired the people to unveil a statue in their honor at the Yakutsk Airport.

Watch the following video which proves the true loyalty and friendship that dogs can show!

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