Mother Cow Freaks Out After Being Finally Reunited With Her Baby (Emotional Video)


Mother cows have maternal instincts just like humans. If they are separated from their young they may even cry for days.

The animal sanctuary, ″Gentle Barn″, rescued a cow, called Karma. However, they didn’t know that Karma had a baby a short time ago which had been sold by the previous owners and destined to be a Christmas dinner.

Her owners soon realized that she was crying for days because she probably missed her baby.

Afterwards, ″Gentle Barn″ tracked down her young, which was named Mr. Rojas. As soon as he came out of the trailer, Karma called to him with a heart-wrenching and powerful moo.

Her baby was so stressed and hungry that it even collapsed at her feet.

As reported by Little Things, Karma had another baby, right after being reunited with Mr. Rojas. The mother cow and her two sons will live together at the animal sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

In the following video you can watch the heartwarming moment of their reunion:


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