The Mysterious Mummy Found In Peru That Baffled The Scientists


The latest discovery made by the Peruvian scientists could be a real proof of extraterrestrial life on Earth. Namely, they excavated a mummified corpse which looked like it doesn’t belong to the human race.

Although this conclusion must have been scientifically supported, there is a speculation that the mysterious mummy is actually a plaster cast.

As it was revealed by the forensic experts, the corpse had three fingers, three toes, unusually protruded skull and it was about six inches tall.

In order to determine whether this mummy is some form of alien life or just a plaster cast model, scientists have launched a new formal investigation.

However, according to some UFO experts, this couldn’t be an alien corpse because real aliens are “leatherish” looking.

That is why, Gaia organization has started a documentary investigation led by number of forensic experts including PhD from the University in Saint Petersburg, Dr. Jose Benitez and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

According to them, the three fingers and the incredibly enlarged cranium are the most unique and unforgettable characteristics of this mysterious corpse.

As revealed by Gaia site, the mummy was unearthed during the excavation of some mysterious caves. Moreover, the site has recently released a documentary trailer which revealed X-ray photos of the mummy’s skeletal structure.

Accordingly, some people believe that Gaia actually charges money from curious users to view the trailer with paranormal content, which could imply that the corpse is not real.

On the other hand, forensic experts and scientists believe it could be either some form of alien life or an extinct species that had lived on Earth.

It remains to be seen whether the further research will solve this mystery.


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