A Mysterious Stones That Grow And Move, It’s Like They Are Alive And From Another Planet!


There is one natural object in Romania that it is mysterious and does something that may seem impossible. This object is a group of stones that are able to move and grow. These mysterious stones are called trovants. Experts have been puzzled by this incredible stones since they were discovered. They are still not able to explain the movement and the growth of the stones.

Romania is usually associated with Count Dracula. It is seen as the country of vampires and other types of creatures that drink blood. However, these are stories created by Hollywood. Romania is only a country that has one of the most incredible natural objects in the world and those are the Living Stones.

These living stones are able to reach the size of a few millimeters. However, they can also be 10 meters in size.

The trovants are located in a tiny Romanian village near Costesti.

The name of the stones, trovants, comes from the Romanian language. It is a geological term which means cemented sand.

The Trovants Museum Natural Reserve or the Muzeul Trovantilor was given the task to protect these unusual stones in 2004.

These stones can be planted anywhere and they will continue to grow. You can even grow them in your backyard.

The local inhabitants of this area call the mysterious objects Growing Stones as after a rain, new stones appear from the ground. These mysterious stones have given the rise of many myths.

We also must not forget that growth is not the only ability of these stones. They are also able to move.

The stones that grow and also move

The scientists cannot explain the abilities of these stones. However, they explained the growth process in some way. According to the experts, the formation and growth of these stones is connected to the calcium carbonate found in water. After a rain, the stones absorb this mineral. The mineral and the chemicals in the stones react and pressure is created inside of the stones. This pressure causes the growth.

The movement of the stones was associated with energy vortexes, alien intervention and magnetism.

It is believed that these rocks first appeared after an earthquake that happened 6 million years ago.

Inside, the stones contain mineral salts, cemented sand and rings similar to those seen in a cut tree.

The shape of the stones varies. This kind of stones can also be found in Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia and some other counties.

If you even decide to go to Romania, check out these mysterious stones. Till then, look at the following videos.

Source: ancient-code



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