How Long You Should Nap For The Best Health Benefits


A great number of health experts confirm that it is very important for the human body to take rest daily.

Hence, a nap can sometimes be more beneficial than a longer sleep. Nevertheless, a great number of people ask what nap represented when it comes to time duration and efficacy. Naps can sometimes be very long, so that you can wake up depressive and moody. According to Dr. Michael Breus, if people sleep more than half an hour, they fall into a deep sleep.

However, have you had a nap and felt terribly when you woke up? It happens, especially if you are sleeping for a long period of time and cannot wake up.

Why naps are beneficial?

By taking naps, the human brain relaxes for a short period of time, this gaining energy for the rest of the day. Usually, people are affected by the stressful surrounding they live in, and taking naps help them to calm down. Moreover, people are more capable to solve their problems, or to take an action if they take a nap. Health experts believe that people should take a nap from 10 – 20 minutes on a daily basis. This nap is considered a power nap, since it provides the body with energy and helps it to recover. People can take a nap whenever they like, based on the stress they experience throughout the day.

Longer sleep will only tire the body, which will require even longer sleep. According to Dr. Mednick, a long nap or an hour nap can increase the brain cognitive capacity. Nevertheless, sleeping for more than an hour will only make the body exhausted, so that the body requires a longer sleep.


A study investigated 5 – 10-minute naps and napping in general. The results of the study have shown that a 5 – 20-minute naps are a great way for the recovery of the body. Moreover, it will need a rest from 50 – 90-minute nap.

Additional Tip: If you take a short nap, you should wake up slowly and sit up. In this way, you will prevent going to bed again. If you dream while taking a nap, it indicates that your body needs a longer nap.




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