Native Americans Life Rules – Never Speak Ill Of Others

The ethical code of the Native Americans can be really inspiring for all of us to make important changes in our lives and change the way we perceive life.

1. Get up during the sunrise and say your prayers. Pray often and when you are alone. The Great Spirit will hear your prayers.

2. Tolerate those ones who have strayed from the straight and narrow. Ignorance, anger and jelousy are characteristics of the lost souls. Pray for them to get in tune with the straight and narrow.

3. Find yourself. Never let the others to take control over your life. The life is only yours. The rest of the people can stay in your life, but never live it instead of you.

4. Respect the guests who come to your house. Serve them the best food you have, offer them the most comfortable bed to sleep in and treat them with honesty, fairness and justice.

5. Never take over what belongs to someone else. Regardless of whether it belongs to a certain person, nature or certain culture.

6. Show respect towards everything that exists on this planet, including people, animals and plants.

7. Show respect towards other people’s opinions, words and needs. Never interrupt others while they are speaking, never criticize or scold them. Let the people to express their personal views.

8. Never speak ill of others. The negative energy you are sending, especially if you enjoy doing that, it will come back to you multiplied.

9. All people sin. However, we can be forgiven for our sins.

10. Negative thoughts cause diseases of the body, mind and spirit. Practise optimism.

11. The nature does not belong to us, it is only a part of us. It is also a part of our global family.

12. The children are our future. Instill love in your children’s hearts and minds. Guide your children and teach them about life and wisdom. During their childhood give them space to grow.

13. Avoid hurting other people’s feelings. The poison of that pain will come back to you.

14. Always be honest and sincere.

15. Keep your balance. Your mental, spiritual and emotional self has to be strong, pure and healthy. Heal both your body and mind. Develop your spirituality so that you can heal your emotional wounds too.

16. Consciously decide what kind of person are you going to be and how are you going to behave. Always stand behind what you say and be responsible for all your deeds.

17. Respect other people’s privacy and personal space. Never take over someone else’s belongings, especially if they are emotionally or spiritually attached to them. That is forbidden.

18. Always be self-confident. You will not be able to care or help other people if you are not helpful and caring toward yourself.

19. Respect other people’s religion beliefs. Never force them to accept or follow your religion.

20. Share your happiness.






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