Nikola Tesla’s 5 Inventions That Threatened The Global Elite, They Disappeared After His Death


The society was changed by the biggest innovations at that time. People located at the top of the hierarchal structure, had to spike the revolutionary innovations, which impeded upon their existence, in order to gain more. The genius Nikola Tesla is a case in point. In this article, we are going to present you some of his innovations.

Death Ray

In the 1930s, Nikola Tesla stated that he invented ‘a death beam’, also known as Teleforce. The beam was able to produce energy, which could be used to get rid of foreign armies, enemy airplanes, or things which people do not want to exist. However, the death ray was not constructed, because Tesla though that countries could use it to destroy each other. Tesla claimed that a county could destroy everything within 2.000 miles or to create a power wall, which will make the country smaller or larger, incapable of being defeated by airplanes, armies, or other weapons. Tesla also stated that there were attempts for stealing the dream beam. Someone had entered into his room and has studies his papers, but they could not find out anything.


In 1898, Tesla announced that he had created an oscillator, which when bended to the office, could shake it and other objects down, i.e. the oscillator could create an earthquake. Become aware of the possible destruction that the oscillator might cause, Tesla claimed, that he destroyed it with a hammer. According to some theories, the government countries still use Tesla’s studies, such as the HAARP facility in Alaska.

Free Electricity System

In 1901 – 1902, in New York, funded by JP Morgan, Tesla created Wardenclyffe Tower, an enormous system for wireless transmission of energy. According to Morgan, this wireless system of transmission could enable communication throughout the world. But, Tesla had different plans.

Due to his theories of using the Earth to transmit signals, Tesla planned to send messages facsimile images or to communicate across the Atlantic to England and to sea ships. If his project was successful, everyone could use electricity by putting a rode in the ground. However, there is no profit in free electricity. In addition, his transmission system could impose a danger on the global aristocracy, as it can change the energy industry. The world would be a completely different place for living if people did not need coal or oil. In this way, the great world powers could not control the other smaller countries. Then, Morgan decided not to fund the changes. Tesla’s project was put off and never become functional.

The Flying saucer

In 1911, Tesla informed the New York Herald that he was working on an anti-gravity flying machine. He stated that the flying machine was going to be designed without propellers and wings. People would be able to see the machine on the ground, but they would never suppose that it was a flying machine. However, the flying machine will be able to fly in the air, in different directions and at speeds never reached before, without taking into consideration the ‘holes in the air, the weather or the downward currents. Moreover, it can stay up in the air for a long period of time even though there is a wind. It ability to lift up in the air will depend on mechanical action, rather than on uncertain devices. This flying saucer was operated by a free electrical system while the motor car and aviation industry depended on petroleum and oil. However, his project was as unsuccessful as his free energy system.

Improved Airships

Tesla suggested that electrical airships should transfer passengers from New York to London within 3 hours, travelling 8 miles above the ground. Teals also believed that these airships could take their power from the atmosphere, without having to stop to refuel. These airships could be also used to transfer passengers to previously selected destinations or for a distant aerial strike. However, his project has never been credited. Nevertheless, nowadays, we have drones, which carry battle missions, airplanes, which fly at great speed, space shuttles, which move round the Earth in the atmosphere.

It was believed that the FBI stole Tesla’s innovations and work when he died. However, it has been confirmed to be true by the latest Freedom of Information Act, published by the FBI.


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