Old Souls Love Differently And How To Recognize Them


What Is an Old Soul?

Certain people cannot fit in the mold of people who surround them. In some cases you might have felt alone or isolated or just the fact that you were not completely in the same realm like your peers.

It might be your lover who might seem to like you, or even your child. The complete truth is that age has no bearing on whether a person is an old soul or not.

A lot of old souls feel that they disconnect from the earth and most of them are very aware that they are different.

The old souls usually enjoy solitude and all of their relationships are different than those who are called “normal” people.

Old souls mostly spend their time alone and many people do not understand them. They also express their feelings and they love in a different way.

Old souls are people who are mature way beyond their years because they are related to the things that are not called “normal” by society. For them it is difficult to be in relation to people who have the same age like them and the reason is because their level of awareness and understanding is more developed than those of the people they are hanging out with.

This list can help you to understand them better:


Old souls enjoy tranquility and peace and the setting is not important for them. They mostly have a peaceful place to live in and they enjoy to spend their time at home, as that is like a sanctuary or church to them.


They cannot be impressed by materialistic things and if you want to buy something for them you have to remember that it should come from your heart not the wallet.


Old souls want to have strong communications so they can avoid unnecessary drama and they also want to know that both sides fell free and happy.


Old souls usually do not want one night stand. They want to connect spiritually and not only physically and they can develop an attachment that begins with love, loyalty and friendship a lot easier than other people.


Old souls know that fairness is something that has to be done by two sides and they want to leave in peace and do not care to be right all the time. They always want to compromise except in very extreme cases.


They understand that creativity is a great quality and they give this gift to other people and this is a sign of great love and friendship. That is why they will always discover and find a way so they can invest their creative potential in expressing their appreciation and love for you.


They are very observant and intuitive. When something is wrong, they always want to feel it and ask what is happening with you. You should not try and hide your feelings, you just have to share them and learn how to solve the problem.


Old souls in some cases tend to be pessimistic, but they want to look at things like they really are. The reason is because they know there is only one way to succeed: recognize the situation and afterwards can start making changes.


Old souls enjoy in company of people they love and they value independence and the time they spend alone. You should respect this and you should not take it personally.

It might be difficult, but it is worth it

It might be difficult to be with an old soul. However, their love has amazing intensity, they are able to think outside the box and they have huge understanding for everything, which makes them worth it.


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