Only A Genius Or A Schizophrenic Can Answer These 2 Questions


It is not easy to identify a schizophrenic. It would be even more difficult if you work only with their appearances. There a lot of psychiatric tests that are doctors use in order to understand the psychological conditions of their patients. It is important to take a closer look at the patient’s mind so you can decide how to help them.

Schizophrenia is a mental disease which affects how we think. This disease can develop among children in the early years. There are both positive and negative symptoms of it.

The positive symptoms include thinking that things are not real, while the negative include motivation deficiency and last way longer. There are psychological treatments and medications that can help people who have this disease.

In this article you can find one of those psychiatric tests and the 2 questions will help you to discover if you are dealing or if you are genius or schizophrenic. For getting the most out of the test you should answer by how you feel. It is important to be concentrated on the pictures and do not think about how they look, just answer what you fell.

Let’s begin. Both questions are regarding the mask on the pictures given.

1. Is the mask convex on one side or is it convex on both sides?

2. The mask rotates in both directions or only in one direction?

These are the answers.

1. It is convex on only one side.

2. It rotated in only one direction. It rotates to the right.

The majority answers both questions wrong. However, if the answers were obvious to you it means that you are special.

The reason is because a person who has a healthy brain usually leans towards being self-deceit. It mostly forms artificial shadows and shapes to make the picture “correct” and want to turn the picture in something that makes more sense.

However, a schizophrenic’s mind is not working this way. They are not able to form a connection between the details. They only see the image as it really appears – it rotates in only one direction.

You should know that if you see the truth in both images does not imply that you are a schizophrenic. Instead it can mean that you are genius or observant.

If you are wondering how it means you are a genius we will explain. The brain of a genius and schizophrenic are not so different. They can both see the picture in the same way and they can also see it like others do. They are able to see an illusion and they can catch it and discover the deceit.




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