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Street That Grows Its Own Food

In the last decade, innovative gardens and vertical farms have started to appear all over the world as the temperatures become higher and many areas are left completely dry.

Nostradamus Made A Surprising Prediction: Trump Will Win The Presidential Elections, The Nuclear War Caused By Genetic Attack Will Destroy The World

Nostradamus advocated the believes of the Trump’s followers that Tramp will get the victory.

These Mantras Will Unblock The Energy In Your Chakras

We all know that sounds vibrate and what is also important to know is that all our chakras have their own vibration as well.

California Is The First Authorized State In The USA To Prohibit The Use Of Plastic Bags

Every day, in California, almost 25 million non-reusable plastic bags are thrown away. The latest rule is intended to aid the surrounding as well as the whole wildlife.
In July, 2015, there were plenty of headers in the news that the use of plastic bags was completely prohibited in Hawaii at a county level, but today, their use is completely prohibited in California at a state level.

If You Notice These Signs The World Spirit Is Trying To Protect You

If you have felt like you are being observed although there is no one around you, if you get goosebumps and chills while the temperature in the room is normal or if you see feathers and dimes in strange places it could mean that the world spirit is protecting and guarding you.

10 Signs That Show That Are Facing Up With The Recalibration Of Your Mind – Body – Soul System

With the transition from the 3rd dimensional reality to the multi dimensional world, we are facing up a recalibration of our mind – body – soul system. It is a process that primarily expanded in 2016, and today we are in a thorough process of recalibration till February, 2107, when the process will become steadier in the following 7 years. In this way, the generation of the cellular change has been activated by the cosmic waves of energy, which proceeds through and all over our planet that is also recalibrating, increasing her frequencies. The process is being activated and observed.

In The Future We Will Grow Crops In Vertical Farms Shaped Like Trees

A skyscraper shaped like a tree can grow 24 acres of crops and it can be powered by renewable energy source.

A Weird Lake Was Discovered Beneath One Of The Volcanoes At The Andes

The scientists have found out a tank of water, which based on its volume is similar to the Lake Superior, which is hidden 15 m. beneath one of the volcanoes at the Andes.

Trump Claims That Autism Is Caused By Vaccines And Further Investigations Will Be Done!

According to the new President-elect, Donald Trump, the reason for the epidemic autism is the vaccination. After he takes the office in January, he promised he will discover the truth and do his best to save children’s lives and future.

This Pebble With An Irregular Shape Is The First Dinosaur Brain Fossil That Was Found

Can this discovery solve the mystery about dinosaur IQ?
In Sussex, England, Jamie Hiscocks saw a pebble with an odd shape on the beach near his home. Hiscocks saw details on the surface of the pebble. Immediately, it was realized that this was not a simple pebble.

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