Physicists Say – Parallel Worlds Exist And Interact With Our Own World


According to scientists from Australia and the US, there is a chance that parallel universes exist. Just imagine that you could be born in a different country or that dinosaurs still exist in some parallel universe.

According to the researcher, there is a possibility that several others universes exist in the same time and space as our own. The universes interact with each other on a quantum level.

The first theory about the parallel universes appeared in the fifties and this research paper may be another proof for this theory.

According to the theory from the 1950s, when an event happens, such as the asteroid which hit the Earth, different universes are created that represent all the possible outcomes of the event that happens. For instance, in the universe that we know, all the dinosaurs were destroyed by the asteroid.

According to the old theory, these universes exist in parallel to our own, at the same time and in a separate space. However, then the scientists believed that there is no interaction between these parallel universes.

However, the new theory believes that these parallel universes interact between each other.

The scientists tried to explain their theory by comparing the universes with a deck of cards where every card represents an event. Each card of the deck represents a different outcome when you turn it over.

Therefore, the universes exist in the same time and space and they overlap and interact between each other.

However, even though this theory seems quite intriguing, there are critics who say that these parallel universes don’t seem to influence our own.

On the other side, the scientists firmly believe in their theory and even hope that even the humans in the future will be able to interact with the other universes.

Today, there are both scientists who support and others who are skeptics towards this new theory of parallel universes.

There will always be people who firmly believe in what quantum theory has shown till know and will not accept the new theories and discoveries. However, there are those who would be excited about new theories and want to work further to find more answers to the questions that we still cannot answer with certainty.


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