People Who Want To Spend Time On Their Own Posses These Unique Personality Traits


When we speak about our personalities and our approach to other people, we can divide people in two main groups: extroverts and introverts.

Can a person be a bit of both? Do you know what personality traits make up each group and what is their meaning?

In this article, we are going to speak about people who want to spend most of their time alone. Have you got a friend who wants to stay in rather than to get together with friends?

Do you like spending your time on your own, having dinner or watching TV on your own? If yes, this is the right post for you, because the real problems is that people who love spending time on their own have to explain themselves, as though it gpes against some social expectations of what is normal or not.


Here are some personality characteristics of people who want to spend time on their own:

1. They are over-loyal

Their social circle is not large, and if it is, you will not find them outside with friends every night. They look for trustworthy and reliable friends who they feel comfortable with and who are always there to listen to them. If you have a friend, who wants to spend his time on his own, you have a friend who will help you to get through tough times in your life.

2. They are open to new ideas

Only because they spend their time at home, it does not mean that they are not innovative. Before taking up a social activity, they make sure they spend some time alone.

3. They have a level head

When they spend time on their own, they try to contemplate and navigate situations, problems, and events and to determine who they really are and what they really want.

They are self-confident, too. When they are too anxious or stressed, they want to spend time on their own so that they can recharge themselves and boost up their energy levels.

4. They are comfortable with their thoughts

People, who want to spend time on their own, have clear consciousness and do not bother themselves with their own thoughts. Even though all of us may have tough days in life, they try to close and recharge themselves, thus eliminating all bad things from their life.

5. They understand the value of their and your time

People, who want to spend time on their own, appreciate the value of time. They try to make the best of their available time, so that they can recharge themselves and do their best. In addition, they also appreciate the time other people spend for them. They are concerned of not wasting your time or spending their time on people who waste their time.

6. They exercise strong boundaries

While spending time on their own, these people think about what things motivate them, how does it work and how to properly get it across. You will find out that they heave healthy and strong boundaries, and they get them across in a clear and healthy way.

7. Their happiness comes from internal stimuli

Some people may not be able to understand that you do not equate validation with attention. You do not need to explain everyone what and how you feel. However, it does not mean that you do not need stimulation.

Everyone has some type of energy they feed from. Spending time to connect with your inner self helps you to find out where you happiness lives.

8. They are simply smarter

Why would be with yourself instead of with your friends? According to the numerous studies, intelligent actions are taken by intelligent minds. In addition, intelligent people spend less time in the social circle, as they are focusing on their long – term goals. The studies have also shown that intelligent people are less happy when they spend time with their friends.

9. They appreciate simplicity

Solitude makes people see their life from a different perspective. They are not looking for ambiguity or sophistication rather do they desire them. However, you can appreciate your time and life details that you might never have been aware of. You can eliminate thoughts and boost up what is valuable.

10. They can attack their problems more effectively

No one’s life is free of challenges or problems. However, through the constant distractions we encounter in life, it is really difficult to have a cold head as to what actions you should take. In addition, weou need some time to analyze as well as actualize. Solitude helps us see problems as temporary draw backs instead of becoming overwhelmed in them.

11. They are relieved from anxiety

Stress builds up in peoples lives, so it is really difficult to make a difference between ourselves and what we have within. Spending time on our own gives us the opportunity to slow down, to take a deep breath and to set our minds straight. At this time, we get rid of unnecessary and negative thoughts in our mind. Moreover, less anxiety allows for time of self-searching and innovation.

12. They Aren’t Neurotic

The term neurotic is usually related to feelings of anxiety, moodiness, fear, worry, and depression – terms you may use to describe a loner. However, being an introvert does not mean you suffer from fear, anxiety, and depression. Introverts may be rather at peace with their inner selves.

13. They are easily Over-stimulated

People who want to spend time on their own can sometimes feel overwhelmed by noise and big crowds. However, they are not afraid to be in social situationseven though they would prefer a cozy night in rather than a crazy night out. These people enjoy the peace and tranquility of being alone.

Are your perceptions changed now? Have you noticed some of these personality traits in your friends or in yourself?



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