5 Indications Showing That Your Personality Is Intimidating Other People (Do Not Put Up With #2)


An African proverb says that a lion does not turn around if a small dog barks. Have you ever been reproached for something intimidating? Usually, without being aware of your life, people determine what you are.

Your individuality is based on your past experiences. Due to those experiences, the life has become harder. You should not be worried if other people do not like your way of living. You should not be ashamed of yourself.

In both relationship and career, we pass through many positive and negative experiences. These experiences have formed a stable and an independent person. So, you should not bother if people talk about you and your life.

As a result of you attitude and behavior, people think that you are impolite and mean. However, people are usually not able to see the other side of your life. People, who are perceived as intimidating, are usually generous and kind.

Here are some characteristics of intimidating people:

1. Small talks are irritating

You do not prefer a small talk and you do not take part in it. Serious and long-lasting conversations, which include intelligence, are the once that you are into. You are not concerned with small talks, usually about the business world or the weather. If someone interrupts you with small talks, you get angry.

2. Ignorance is not accepted

Your personality is strong, even though you are intelligent and wise. You express your opinions clearly and do not like judgemental people. Ignorance is a result of irrational judgement. In order to be able to ignore ignorance you should educate yourself. However, if people are indecisive, you should leave them or lose your patience.

3. You get more opportunities than other people

Since you speak openly, you get more opportunities in life than other people. These opportunities help you to go on in life and to overcome negative situations. This may make other people jealous and envious of you, because you are more successful in life than they.

4. You fix your attention to solutions, not to problems

People who know what they like are more concentrated. They do not put up with apologies from other people, who tend to criticize them and their work. They ignore weak people, and do not achieve their aims as they complain constantly.

5. You are a person of word

You respect honest people. You like people who speak openly, but you ignore impolite people. You also express your opinions clearly and you are not two-faced. You are a person of word and you are reliable to others. You choose your friends very carefully due to this characteristic. You do not accept everybody as a friend. You avoid meeting with dishonest people.

If it seems like you or your friend, you are aware of the fact that people, who have strong personality, may appear as intimidating, because they are kind and generous. These people do not try to be dominant over the others. They just cannot prevent their anger when they come in contact with masked people.


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