What You See First In These Pictures Reveals Your Past Life


It is believed by a lot of people that after we die our souls are reincarnated. Buddhism says that if we reincarnate we can live once again, like a person, animal or like a part of nature.

Being reincarnated means that you are not physically, but spiritually reborn. We all have had that weird feeling that we already know someone or that we’ve already been there.

Buddhists think that this kind of sensation can be sign of something you’ve experienced in your past life.

According to Buddhism the reincarnation can happen in one of the 6 realms, which are called the Gati. They are comprised of 3 good realms: Asura (demigod), Deva (heavenly, god) and Manusya (human) and 3 evil realms Preta (ghosts), Tiryak (animals) and Naraka (hellish).

Karma conditions the realm of rebirth and it is believed that good karmas help to reincarnate in one of the good realms, while the bad karma means reincarnation in one of the evil and unhappy realms.

It may not be possible to completely understand what or who you were in the past life and you could experience certain hints during your life which can help you to learn things regarding your past.

In this quiz you can try and figure out what or who were you in the past life. There is a connection between how you see the world with the things you have experienced before. It is easy to do: just watch the pictures and answer the question.

The answer will be generated and you would be able to understand more about your past. You could have been a warrior, or inventor, who knows? You can discover this using this quiz.

Click so you can start!

Who or what were you in the past life? Is this somehow related with you, would you agree?
What do you think of past life? Please remember to share this quiz with your friends and family so they can discover as well.


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