The Reason Why Prince George Is Not Allowed To Have A Best Friend At School Is Heart-Breaking


Like all other 4-year old children in the United Kingdom, Prince George put on a school uniform for the first time.

However, it is sure that Kate and William will not ask George whether he had met his best school mate. The main reason for this is that this school has specific rules. Read the article to find out more about the school rules.

There are 560 boys and girls at the age of 4 – 13 in this exclusive school, which Prince George goes to. The politics of the school is that if a child celebrates a birthday or throws a party, he / she has to invite either all children from the class or none of them. In this way, children will not be left out from the group, which is a positive thing.

It is a very traditional school, where pupils are taught different things than in the other British schools, like the alphabet which helps them to learn to read and write quickly. The school has rooms for playing, learning and having a meal.

The parents are expected to actively participate in the school activities, so neither Kate nor William will be excluded.

Pupils in the school are taught to be polite, but they are not encouraged to have best friends. The school politics consider that having a friend at that age may be rather dangerous, because they are unstable at that age.

The feeling of neglect, which will be causes by a loss of friend at an early age, may have negative consequences on the emotional and social development of a child, which will be reflected in the adult age on the social interaction with other people.


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