Putin Excluded Rothschilds From Russia

The determined president Vladimir Putin has already excluded Jacob Rothschild as well as his New World Order banking conglomerate family from getting into Russia under any terms.

Putin has recently announced to his cabinet that he has anted up his debt, and has already decided to completely forbid the entrance of Rothschild into Russia. On the meeting, the President Putin punched his fist on the table and promised to totally destroy the New World Order, and based on the Kremlin source, Putin is now highly striving to achieve it.

He stated that they do not possess the world, and they do not have discretionary power to do what they want to do. He added that, in case, they were not challenged, there will come out some other serious problems. He said that he will not permit to be abused.

As it was announced, the Rothschild banking crash was strongly connected to the economy of Russia. So, when it becomes more complicated, the economy will hustle and suffocate.

At the beginning of his presidency, Putin’s main aim was to unite Russia both economically and socially. That is why he ordered Rothschild to be picked up, backed oligarch M. Khodorkovsky, who has claimed Henry Kissinger, Rothschild and Arthur Hartman to be the directors of the Open Foundation of Russia. At first, the president Putin was very angry with them at his temple, so he stroked them with a crop. As a student of history, very experienced in the world affairs, the President Putin investigated the history of the most impermanent organization in the world and realized the major aims of the financial collaborators in the fostering of the multinational conflict in the 20th century.

He stated that today their aim is to involve them in the World War 3. The roots as well as the branches of the New World Order are circulating all over the world. However, the President Putin prevented them to spread through Russia. This is the major attack to their determination to rule with the whole world and now Putin represents a threat for them. He made them to feel frightened, and that is the reason why he dismissed in the Western media at every chance. What is true is that Putin is striving for a multi-polar world, completely different from the idea of one government, one religion, and future schemes by the New World Order. When he offered his force to Syria with the purpose to protect it, he enriched his reputation as a very powerful leader.

People have claimed that they have woken up and that they now realize.


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