New Theory Based On Quantum Physics Suggests There Is Life After Death


From a religious point of view, there is life after death and it’s described as an eternity that will be spent either in heaven or in hell. Many scientists dismiss this idea, but there are also some of them who do believe in afterlife.

Professor Robert Lanza, who developed the theory of biocentrism, claims that our consciousness creates the world we experience, which means that the ″outside world″ doesn’t really exist.

According to the biocentrism, what we consider as reality is actually a process which involves our consciousness. If the external reality did exist, it would have existed in space as well. But time and space are not hard objects.

Everything we see and experience is just a whirl of information that occurs in our mind. Therefore, time and space are tools that help us to put everything together.

Biocentrism is a new theory which is based on the idea that the universe itself doesn’t create life but life creates the universe. The same applies to the concepts of time and space.

According to Dr. Lanza, time and space are a ″language″ that our consciousness uses to weave information into a coherent experience.

He also added that when we sleep, our minds use the very same algorithms in order to create a flesh-and-blood, 3-D, spatio-temporal reality like the one we experience when we are awake.

Dr. Lanza also explained that when a person dies, there is a break in the linear connection of places and times and in the linear stream of consciousness. In other words, death itself doesn’t exist in a spaceless and timeless world.

Immortality is not a permanent existence in time but it’s actually something that resides outside of time.

Biocentrism is similar to the idea of multiple universes, which means that everything that can possibly occur already exists in some of these universes.

Dr. Lanza also claimed that the double-slit experiment can be used as a proof that the particle’s behavior alters in accordance with person’s perception of it.

This idea is very complicated, so he tried to explain it in a simple way by using colors. As he explained, we perceive the sky as blue, but if our brain cells were changed to make it look green, then the question is was the sky truly blue or was that just our perception of it?

He also added that death itself doesn’t really exist in these scenarios because all of them exist at the same time regardless of what is happening in any of them.

So, the ″Who am I″ feeling is just an energy that is operating in the human brain. This energy cannot be destroyed and it never dies.

Reference: Independent


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