Fukushima: The First Images Of Radioactive Salmon Appeared In Canada! Watch Out…

One the biggest disasters in the history of the world is considered the nuclear accident of Fukushima. Moreover, it has completely destroyed the soil, the animals, the people, the food and more.

The nuclear accident first happened nearly 6 years ago. Because it is a new phenomenon to the humans, they do not know about the environmental issues that will be caused by the nuclear disaster. Nevertheless, as time goes by, people have noticed very exciting things. Some images appeared in Canada and British Columbia, which show unexpected things.

These images show radioactive salmon. As a result of the Fukushima natural accident, more than a third of the oceans in the world got contaminated by nuclear waste. Due to this, marine life and fish are facing the consequences.
A group of researchers at the University of Victoria carried out a research of the salmon. In fact, they tested some radioactive samples of the salmon.

Environews stated that WHOI represents a science seawater project, founded by people, which has been observing the radioactive plume, moving aside from the Pacific to the west coast of America, from the ruined Fukushima nuclear plant Daiichi in Japan.

The results of the research have shown that the samples from the Oregon coast determined nearly 0.3 Becquerel per cubic meter of Cesium 134. Numerous researchers from Canada and US stated that this radiation level is not considered as a hazard of the human environment and is safe.


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