The Real Truth Why Indians Always Keep Their Hair Long


In modern popular culture it is believed that the style of the hair is a simple cosmetic issue, that hair style is a matter of convenience or fashion and that the hair style you choose is only matter of what you prefer more.

However, in the past, in Vietnam, something different was told. This fact was kept hidden and carefully covered up from the eyes of the public. In the nineties, a woman was married to a psychologist who worked in a Medical hospital. He treated combat veterans who were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder usually known as PTSD. Most of these veterans used to serve in Vietnam.

This woman clearly remembered one night when her husband came back from work and entered their apartment carrying a folder in his hands. The folder was full of papers with studies that were commissioned by the government. There were several hundreds of them. The woman’s husband was in shock because of the content of the folder. It changed his life completely. Since that day, the husband stopped being a typical conservative man. He started growing his beard and hair. He never cut his hair ever again or shaved his beard. The strangest thing was that the hospital where he worked allowed him to do that. Even some other staff members started doing the same thing.

The woman decided to read the documents and then she understood what was happening with her husband. Apparently, during the Vietnam War, special forces used to send undercover experts among the reservations with American Indians in order to find scouts that were talented and tough enough to move silently and confidently through rough terrains. They especially searched for young men that had incredible, even supernatural abilities to track. Before trying to take them, the men that were selected were documented as experts in survival and tracking.

Afterwards, the undercover experts used well-known and effective smooth phrases to enroll the recruits.

Then, these Indian special trackers were enlisted into the army. After they became part of the army, something unbelievable happened. The extraordinary skills and talents they possessed mysteriously disappeared. Recruit after recruit failed to perform its job for which he was enlisted.

The failures of performance and even causalities led the government to begin performing expensive experiments and tests on the recruits. And, they have found out what was happening.

First, the recruits were asked why they failed to perform their tracking tasks. The more experienced recruits said that when they received the usual haircut for the military, they were no longer able to access their secret extrasensory information or their sixth sense, read subtle signs or be able to sense the enemy that it’s coming. Their intuition was also failing them.

Then, the scientists who led the tests decided to recruit more trackers from Indian origin and let them keep their long hair. Afterwards, they tested the recruits in different areas. When this was done, two men who received the same scores on the tests were brought together. One man was left with a long hair, while the other one received the traditional military haircut. The tests were then repeated on both men.

The scores of the man that was left with a long hair remained high. On the other side, the man with a military haircut started to fail all the tests and had very low score unlike before when his hair was long.

The tests

In one test, the recruit is sleeping in the woods and an enemy is approaching him. A recruit with a long hair manages to sense the enemy and escape even before the enemy comes close to be heard.

In a different situation, the recruit warns the others, remains still and kills the enemy when he tries to attack.

When this recruit gets his haircut, he fails these same tests as well as many others. Therefore, the documents state that Indian trackers should keep their hairs long.

Comment on this:

Sometimes people and animals show extraordinary survival skills and science is discovering more and more of these skills.

Hair can be seen as an exterior nerve that is highly evolved and sends important information to the neocortex, limbic system and brain stem.

Hair not only sends information to the brain, but also emits energy. This is seen in a Kirlian photo of a man with long and then with short hair. When the hair is cut, no information or energy gets transferred.

Hair cuts lead to sexual frustration, insensitivity and unawareness of environmental distress.

As we search for the solutions for all the distress in the world, we may be missing what is in front of us when we look in the mirror.

Even the Bible mentions the importance of hair, when Delilah cut Sampson’s hair and he lost his strength. The Indian theory also supports this story. Therefore, think twice before cutting your hair.


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