New Scientific Revolution Claims: Reality Is Probably Not Based On Time And Space

As Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist, reported for the Business Insider, the general viewpoint of the scientific community is that time and space are real and that they are the actual basic levels for describing the real world.

However, after that, he added that, even though there is a significant number of scientists who work in the ‘exotic’ areas of the physics, such as the sting theory or the unified theory, they have seen evidence, which states that time and space are not fundamental.

It will change everything that we know about physics: A new theory of gravity will turn the universe upside-down.


Time and space may also represent resulting terms. Something like the temperature. We all know what the temperature is. We all know what hot and cold mean. But, we also know that the temperature is a resulting term, because there is a basic description, according to which – a substance is hot when its particles move very fast, and it is cold when the particles move very slow. So, the movement of the atoms is a basic term, whereas the resulting terms are hot and cold, therefore – temperature.

Time and space may be similar to the temperature. They may be terms that have resulted from something even more basic, more fundamental.

Greene believes that the next scientific theory will come out when we would be able to determine the actual fundamental basics, or the components of time and space.


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