10 Signs That Show That Are Facing Up With The Recalibration Of Your Mind – Body – Soul System

With the transition from the 3rd dimensional reality to the multi dimensional world, we are facing up a recalibration of our mind – body – soul system. It is a process that primarily expanded in 2016, and today we are in a thorough process of recalibration till February, 2107, when the process will become steadier in the following 7 years. In this way, the generation of the cellular change has been activated by the cosmic waves of energy, which proceeds through and all over our planet that is also recalibrating, increasing her frequencies. The process is being activated and observed.

However, this transition from the 3rd dimensional reality to the multi dimensional world is tough and grueling. Creative energy arises, which is accompanied by physical exhaustion, lack of memory, emotional moments, etc. We may be permanently doubtful, as a result of the fact that we are going in different directions. We may also be more conscious of what the others are doing around us. We are able to notice the manipulations and lies of other people or society as never before. This can be somehow disturbing as it can lead to exhaustion, restlessness and stress. When the human body recalibrates, it has a necessity for rest, hydration and healthy food.

This transition is from a direct existence in the 3rd dimensional reality to a multi dimensional world, where time represents a quantum. People will be present in the past, in the present, and in the future at the same time. This represents the 5th dimension, which is abundant in love, balance and flow. While sleeping, people’s spirit frees itself from the enormous body vibrations in the 3rd dimension. So, people may notice acceleration or time transmission. It represents an infrequent and celestial action. It is the only opportunity to loosen karma and to develop.

10 sighs that you are facing up with the recalibration of your mind – body – soul system:

• The human body is changing

1. You are more delicate to chemical products, such as skin irritation and allergy.

2. You cannot put up with synthetic clothes as before.

3. You suffer from flu, cold, aches, pain, constant headaches, upset stomach, buzzing and popping in the ears.

• The human mind is amplifying

4. You remember the childhood memories, passions that you were into, but forgot it.

5. You have found out the manipulation and the lies in the politics.

6. You are processing the news, so that you can eliminate the ones that produce stress and fear.

• The human soul is changing:

7. You are looking for quieter ways for living.

8. You do exercises, yoga, meditation, treatments as never before.

9. You are conscious of the changes in your perception of time.

10. You have eliminated all friends, relatives or family, who make you feel down.

With the disconnection of the matrix, of the 3rd dimension, we face up with the recalibration of the mind – body – soul system, which is not easy at all. A lot of people are limiting their diet by getting rid of gluten, wheat, dairy products and meat. They consume more organic non-genetically modified food. The fight to prevent Monsanto emphasizes the awakening of the matrix.

The food agenda is highly recognized. Additional holistic remedies cause diseases, such as cancer leads the fight for freedom, and the dissolving of the kabals’ hold, as well as the regulation of the 3rd dimension. All this leads to a lot of ride friends. We are expected to ascent the matrix, to ascent our vibration accompanied with Gaia, they still is present in the matrix. We are expected to live the 3rd dimension of life, while we are still connected to the abundance of love, parallel universe and universal integrity.

The laws of free will direct our freedom, because we are all leading beings who control the numerous opportunities in both space and time. The immenseness and complexity are terrifying for some people; while for others it makes them feel that they are the leading individuals in the complex universe. So, mediate, integrate with your high-self and the cosmic flow of energy and love, and let them guide you through this tough upgrade process.

In the center of the recalibration is realignment of the physical and spiritual energy to the frequencies of cosmic increase, the balance of the mind – body – soul system. We are delving the physical and spiritual energy, balancing our energy, boosting up our energy system, creating our unique selves, and generating a 3rd eye.

Self-care is the operation method. We are all working hard, fighting against a system of corruption, war destruction, terror and fright, as well as a mass of negative energy. We do all this, while meditating and upgrading. It asks for a change of the perspective. It is not conductive to the self-care.

So, in which way to make our ways through these demanding times? I do not have an answer. My friend is the lotion. My husband and my children remind me of my great present. Heaven is my home. Mediation keeps me conscious. We agreed to all this. I am here as a light worker with particular mission or as a being riding the energetic waves on the Earth. It is a unique and amazing time to be here, to breathe and to be alive.

One day, when you will return in a spacecraft enjoying a cocktail, it would be the time that you will remember. The life with its weaknesses and strengths, the intense freedom, the rare experiences as well as the amazing things on the planet and the human experiences we all will remember.

That is all my friends. Enjoy in the present with your children, friends, your family. Love them and be loved. Relax as possible as you can. And know that it is happening to all people. The force has aroused, the red pill is dragged, and we are setting off to a new earth. Stay hydrated, be relaxed and calm, meditate, love and be loved, too.

Source: wakeup-world.com



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