Selena Gomez Had Undergone Kidney Transplantation And Her Best Friend Was The Donor


On Thursday, Selena Gomez revealed that she had undergone kidney transplantation this summer.

On her Instagram account, she said that Francia Raisa, her best friend was the donor of the organ. She also wanted to explain to her fans why they had not heard much about her even though had her new music out.

Moreover, she wrote that due to her lupus which was diagnosed in 2015, she found out that she needed to undergo a kidney transplant operation. That was necessary for her overall health.

In an Instagram post, Selena Gomez posted a photo of her scar from the kidney transplant operation. She also thanked her friend, Francia Raisa, a secret life of the American Teenager actress. She wrote that there were no words in which she could describe her gratitude towards her friend Francia. Moreover, she stated that Francia gave her the best gift and sacrificed herself by donating a kidney to her. She admitted that she loved her a lot.

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa first met at a Disney and ABC charity in a children’s hospital in 2007.

It Ain’t Me featuring Kygo, the first single of Selena Gomes was released in March. After that, Fetish and Bad Liar has come out, even though she did not promote her tracts due to her transplant operation.

After her recovery, she firstly appeared in public with her boyfriend in New York last Friday night.

In addition, she also took time off media last year in order to treat depression, panic attacks and anxiety. She stated that her numerous health issues were caused by the diagnosis of lupus the year before. Lupus affects the immune system of the body. The most common symptoms of this health disease are swelling, joint pain, rashes, particularly on the hands, the wrists, and the face, and increased tiredness.




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