How To Build Your Self-Confidence – 10 Mantras That Will Change Your Life


All people have had that experience when they were stung by either a judgemental friend, a rude stranger or a negative comment while they were doing their best to succeed in life.
It seems that those negative people that we call “haters” appear when we put enormous efforts to do something great in our lives. You will be either criticized for your relationship status, parenting skills, your weight or the way you dress and live. At the end, the whole criticism leads to low self-confidence.

There are two ways in which haters can affect us. The first way is that they appear and criticize our lifestyles, the way we are doing or sharing things. The second way is the idea of their existence which prevents us to move forward and express our true selves. Both ways are highly detrimental for our spiritual growth.

Many people are prevented from moving forward due to their fear of what haters might think, do or say regarding their lives. For example they wonder what will those in their surrounding think or say if they leave their job or maybe publish a book.

You should ask yourself whether you allow those people to affect your life and prevent you to follow your dreams out of fear what might they think or say. You need to understand that when you feel self-assured and self-confident, haters cannot affect you. Therefore, in order to avoid the victim-role caused by the string of hatred and negativity, you should improve the relationship with yourself.

Here are 10 mantras which can help you to regain your self-confidence.

1. You should always take an action in order to improve your self-confidence.

2. Always rely on your own approval.

3. Do the things you fear and gain confidence in the fastest possible way.

4. The key towards true happiness is to accept yourself the way you are.

5. What truly matters is the way you see yourself, not the way others see you.

6. What others say about you is just a reflection of what they are.

7. Remember that you are always good enough.

8. Thinking of who you are does not hold you back. What is actually holding you back is thinking of who you are not.

9. If you give people permission to make you feel unworthy, you will certainly feel like that.

10. Stop fearing of expressing your true-self, since there is only one you throughout your life. You do matter.


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