13 Signs Showing You Are Only An Option And Not A Priority To Your Partner


Many people ignore the signs that their partner shows when he/she is no longer interested in them. They fear of losing their significant one and refuse to accept the reality.

If you are the only one who makes an effort to make the relationship work, then it means your partner no longer sees you as a priority.

If he/she displays more than a few of the signs below, it’s time you reconsider your relationship and move on.

1. Your partner is bored when he/she is around you

If your partner doesn’t enjoy your company or prefers to spend his/her time doing anything else, it is a clear indicator that you aren’t a priority but an option to them.

2. He/she shows no interest in you

If you are a priority to your partner, they will be interested in your life. They will ask questions about everything related to you. If he/she doesn’t ask such questions, they don’t really care about you.

3. Your partner doesn’t invite you to social gatherings and important events

If you aren’t ranked high on your partner’s priority list, it means they would stop inviting you to the important events. This sign implies that it’s high time you consider the possibility that your partner no longer appreciates your company.

4. You rarely spend the time together

Do you remember the last time when you and your partner went out together? Do you watch movies together? What was the last time your partner did something romantic or special for you? If you can’t recall any of these things, then it might be because your partner doesn’t see you as a priority anymore.

5. Your partner often lies to you

If you are an option to your partner they would often lie to you. The partner who shows love and respect would be honest about everything.

6. You wait too long for him/her to respond to your calls and texts

Do you often wait for hours for your partner to text you back or answer your phone call? If yes, it is a sign that they don’t really care about you and you are not important to them anymore.

7. He/she always makes excuses

The clearest sign that you are an option to your partner is the excuses he/she makes for not being available or eager to spend the night or the rest of the day with you.

8. Your partner seems unwilling to help you

Your partner should be the person you can rely on every time you need some help, even for the most trivial things. If he/she refuses to help you and seems uninterested in the problems you are struggling with, then it means you are not a priority to them.

9. He/she never keeps his promises

If you are important to your partner he/she will do anything to keep their promises. If they often say what you want to hear but fail to keep their promises, you are definitely an option to them.

10. Your aren’t a part of their plans

If your loved one is no longer excited to spend the time with you or they don’t even make an effort to include you into their plans, it means they prefer someone else’s company more than yours.

11. Your partner doesn’t make any sacrifice for you

If you are the only one who is making sacrifices, then your relationship is definitely going downhill. This is a sign that your partner puts his/her needs first and shows total disregard for yours.

12. They don’t value your time

If your partner wastes your time and calls you only when he/she needs something, you should reconsider your relationship. This is a sign of total disrespect, so you mustn’t tolerate this behavior.

13. Your partner shows disrespect

If your loved one often puts you down or makes fun of you, it means that the love here is over. A loving and caring partner, who cares about you and your feelings, would never do that. Instead they will show respect and make you feel special.


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