8 Signs Showing Your Third Eye Is Opening


The third eye is considered as a spiritual sign. It represents our ability to embrace the challenges that life throws at us. When your third eye is opened, it helps you to understand your inner wisdom and strength, thus giving you the ability to connect your body with your spirit.

Once it is opened you will start questioning your place in the Universe and you will eventually realize that you are the creator of your own reality.

Here is what you may experience when your third eye becomes active:

1. Increased foresight

One of the most evident signs of third eye opening is the increased foresight. It means you are becoming deeply intuitive. Your sense of what is wrong and right will become stronger and you will also have premonitions when something is about to happen.

These feelings may come and go without being noticed, but if you learn how to concentrate on this inner force it will become an inseparable part of your life.

2. Synchronicities and number alignment

When your third eye is activated you realize that there are no coincidences in life. You will start noticing the meaningful synchronicities that occur around you. It means that you have been at the right time in the right place.

Your consciousness will elevate to a much higher level and you will start recognizing same numbers following you everywhere, which also signifies synchronicity. This means that your spirit guides and angels are trying to communicate with you.

3. You become more sensitive to light

Third eye opening results in high sensitivity to light and you will start seeing the colors in your surroundings more brightly. The awareness of light and the vivid colors will make you more conscious of what is happening around you. If you are focused on your third eye during meditation you will see much stronger lights appearing.

4. Pressure between your eyebrows

The activation of the third eye will cause pressure and sensation between your eyebrows. It is usually described as warmth spreading around or like a light touch on your forehead. You may experience this through meditation or it may appear out of nowhere. It means that you are already in a spiritual state of mind.

5. Vivid and lucid dreaming

Vivid and lucid dreams are common when the third eye is active. You cannot forget these dreams and they serve to show you that the world of dreams is just as same as the real world. You will realize that you have unlimited possibilities and you are a master of your own universe.

6. The feeling of continual and gradual change

If your third eye has started to open it signifies a big change. It can alter your personality and your perspective. The changes are beneficial since they will make you less selfish and more tolerant. You may also have a feeling that the things around you and within you are also changing.

7. Increased headaches

Sometimes you may also experience strong headaches. The ache is localized in the forehead and it indicates that your pineal gland is developing energetically. This is also a sign of energy overload.

8. Perception beyond duality

When your third eye is opening you start to view the things around you from a different perspective. You see the oneness in everything. You will start to gain access to much higher states of consciousness as well as other dimensions. You become one with everything around you which makes you feel deep connection to all living things on Earth.

In order to activate your third eye you should follow these tips:

• Do some aesthetic activities, for example, coloring, drawing, photography, visual art, memory games or daydreaming
• Drink more water and avoid dairy products and sugar
• Walk in nature and meditate
• Wear purple or indigo colors
• Be mindful of your senses
• Get rid of the limiting beliefs


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