7 Signs You Have A Unique Personality That Everyone Secretly Admires


Have you ever seen that people around you act differently? Do they act as they are not themselves? The reason in not that they do not love you, it is contrary, though.

In fact, you have a unique personality and they do not know how to act with you. You are completely different from other people. You know exactly who you are and what you really want. You are authentic.

However, everyone around you wants to be like you. Being yourself is the best way to live your life. In fact, everyone wants to feel free from the stereotypes in the society. Therefore, if there are people who do not know how to act with you and they seem lost, you may notice these signs:


1. You do not spend your time on gossiping

You appreciate deep conversations with open-minded people. There are people who spend their time just n gossiping. It seems that they are excited while they are complaining.

However, you consider this harmful. There are a lot of this to see and experience in life instead of gossiping about other people’s life. You find this annoying. You appreciate deep conversations. We have one life, so we can talk about the importance of life and the universe.

2. Your life is not fear-driven

To be brave does not mean not to be afraid. To be brave means to be afraid, but to find a way to deal up with it. We are all afraid. Fear enables people to experience and try new things in life. However, you think fear is just an emotion and you have accepted it like that.

You are aware that you will experience fear whenever you try something new. But, you also believe that the development and growth occur outside our comfort zone. Fear never stops us. Fear is the largest stepping stone to develop beyond your momentary self.

3. You enjoy listening to and learning about other people

Listening represents a creative and magnetic force. Our friends we listen to are the ones we are moving toward. While we are listened to, our self expands and goes beyond.

Listening makes our voices flow. And if we learn something new, we think we belong in a different, more beautiful world. It makes us perfect conversationalists, and we think we are the only people on this planet. It provides easiness and comfortable.

4. You cannot stand ignorance, idiocy and insensitivity

The mark of the educated mind is to entertain a though without accepting it. We are very proud of or self-knowledge.

If people make a judgment or give an opinion about people they do not know well, we feel uncomfortable and irritated. Thinking about yourself is one of the qualities that we as people possess.

5. You carefully choose your friends

We represent the average of five people we spend our time with. We never rely on other people’s opinions about who we are and what we want. We ourselves know who we are and who is important in our life. If other people give us advice about our life, we simply ignore it. We think that life is experienced with positive and optimistic people that encourage each other to make their best.

6. You take insecurity as an opportunity

If you do not cross the bridge of insecurity, you are not able to find out your possibilities. You know that you are not perfect. Namely, you know that no one is perfect.

Growing and learning is the only thing you are interested in. However, you are aware that we are all insecure. You also know that this insecurity will not prevent you to live your life and o things you like.

7. You do not require attention

If our eyes see souls rather than bodies, our ideals of beauty would be completely different. You cannot realize the need for attention, because of your status or appearance. You know that attention is meaningless, fleeting and superficial.

You believe it is better to be recognized by your depth and complexity. For this reason, you take more time to get know a person. You think that a person possesses something more than it is shown on the surface.

Authenticity and depth may be difficult for people around you, but it is the reason why they cannot place you in the stereotypical box.

However, the reality is that they secretly admire you, because you have ignored the constraints of the society. Live your life in the way you like and everybody who joins your life journey will be happy.


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