Here’s Why You Should Never Lie To A Smart Woman


Are you sure you want to lie to a smart woman? Think twice before you do that!
The long rooted attractive qualities that men much too often look for in women are now just a myth.

It is in men’s nature to primarily focus on women’s good looks thus rarely taking into account their personalities . However, women have always been considered to be extremely sharp minded and highly intuitive persons.

A lot of scientific research studies have proven what is commonly believed i.e. that women are far better at reading other people’s emotions than men. They detest being lied to and among all other things, what matters to them is the truth.

Very often man-woman relationships are defined as complex especially taking into consideration this female trait which many men are not aware of or simply choose to ignore. Every man’s big mistake.

Do not underestimate the stronger intuition of women. Women are also more than often described as detailed-oriented, analytical and perceptive persons and these are some of the characteristics which men have always had problems understanding.

In this article, we address all men and we advise them NEVER EVER LIE TO A WOMAN OR UNDERESTIMATE HER PERCEPTION POWERS AND INTUITION !

Because women always find a way to find out the truth.

The following story is an example of a man who learned this on the hard way:
One day, the husband called his wife on the phone. He told her that he got an opportunity to go to China with his boss.

He explained that they were going fishing for a week and said that it was a great opportunity for him to advance at the company ladder. Since they were to set out after work , he did not have enough time to pack. So, he politely asked his wife:

‘Could you please pack some clothes as well as my rod and fishing box, please?’
and he also added:

‘Oh, and please pack my new blue silk pyjamas?’.

Immediately, his wife noticed something suspicious. She knew that this was just a pitiful attempt of her husband to find an excuse. However, she decided to be a good wife and did what he asked her to.

After a week, the husband got back home. He looked exhausted. He explained that going to this fishing party was the best decision he made since it opened new business opportunities for him.

The woman wanted to know everything about the trip. She was interested in all details. She asked about the boss. She asked about the other colleagues and the weekend. She also asked about the fishing. Her husband talked with excitement that they had done great fishing.

He said that they had caught a lot of salmon, blue gill and a few swordfish.

Finally, he asked his wife: ‘Why didn’t you pack my new brown silk pyjamas?’
And the wife answered: ‘I did pack your new brown silk pyjamas! They are in your fishing box!’


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