Only A Few People Can Solve The Problem – Create Square Just By Moving 1 Matchstick


These types of puzzles are fun and they can help you keep your brain occupied, engaged and sharp.

They are also excellent for children. Children usually approach these types of challenges in a simpler way and look from all different angles. In the meantime, adults search for patterns that will help them solve the problem.

The challenge in this article will test your analytical skills and knowledge. There are four matchsticks arranged in a plus. The red coated heads face outwards. The question is will you be able to move a single match and make a square.

At first sight, the puzzle may seem easy, but you will definitely find it hard to solve it. In the video, you have a minute to solve the puzzle before the answer shows, so you may need to pause the video.

If you cannot solve the puzzle, try to approach it from a different angle. Try some different ways to solve it. Some you have never tried before.





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