He Spent Over 25 Years Of His Life In Isolation To Build A Masterpiece, Take A Look What’s Inside This Cave


Ra Paulette has spent more than 25 years in an underground cave located in the northern part of New Mexico. During this time he was creating something astonishing. Namely, he carved sandstone into remarkable pieces of art and the only company he had was his dog.

He enjoys cave digging just as child enjoys playing. He said that he is constantly driven to crave sandstone because he loves this hobby. What is really interesting is that he looks on his awesome pieces of art as environmental projects. Ra Paulette shared his story in order to inspire people to open up their emotions in response to the power and enormity that his cravings evoke.

The magic he created in the underground caves is overwhelming and even though it inspires delight, Ra doesn’t consider himself as an artist. He says that he is an ordinary man who expresses his sense of wonder in an unusually passionate way.

Here is a video that reveals his breathtaking masterwork and gives you an insight into the rest of this interesting story. It is worth mentioning that there is also a documentary about this man, called ″Cave Digger″, which has won an academy award.


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