5 Signs Showing You Have A Spiritual Gift


If you are a spiritually mature person you will understand the significance of the spiritual guidance and the power of intuition.

The universe always sends you various messages and signs and the more attention you pay to them, the more recognizable and accurate they become. Some people need time and training to develop their intuition, while others already possess some spiritual gifts.

If you are one of these people, you should learn how to recognize them, since they are the key to your spiritual awakening.

1. You are emphatic

Empaths are able to experience the other people’s pain and emotions, both on physical and emotional level. Most empaths cannot handle this burden, since it overwhelms them. If they learn how to deal with their gift and don’t let the pain of others to affect their lives, their empathy can be considered as a spiritual gift.

2. You are a strongly intuitive person

Self-doubt is the main reason why some people aren’t intuitive and don’t rely on their instincts. To be intuitive means to be able to recognize the right things in your life, to make the right decisions and to be confident in the messages that the universe sends you.

3. You always wake up during the spiritual hour

If you regularly wake up somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m. then it could be a sign of spiritual awakening. It is believed that this is a ″spiritual hour ″or also known as ″connection hour″. In other words, you are about to receive some message since the spirits try to communicate you.

Make sure you embrace this moment and don’t go back to sleep immediately. Stay up for a bit and focus on your emotions, memories, sensations and thoughts. At first, you may not feel anything but with regular practice you will find out the reason for this spiritual gift.

4. You often have premonitions that always come true

These visions either come in the form of pictures that randomly appear in your mind, or a feeling you might have while talking to someone.

If your visions often come true, you probably have a spiritual gift that allows you to see and feel the things on a much deeper level. You should also pay attention to what you feel when you have these visions, since they are a kind of warning that serves to protect you from an impending danger.

5. You often have nightmares

Vivid nightmares are clear signs of spiritual awakening. They seem so real that you wake up panting and sweating. If the nightmares disturb you while you are awake that means that you need to rely on your intuition and receive the messages from the universe.

It is believed that when some spirits want to reach you, but they fail to, they may turn to nightmares. Also, pay attention to your dreams, since they have a hidden message or a guidance that refers to some of the problems you are struggling with in your life.

Reference: Mind Body Green


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