16 Spiritual Lectures From India: “Make A Wish But Be Careful What You Wish For Since It May Come True!”

Ana Shahnazarova has been travelling through India for 3 months. Inspired by the amazing things she learned there she shared the following 16 life rules:

1. Always be aware of the present moment

You should always stay at the place that makes you feel great and never hurry anywhere. If you think you belong to another place just follow your intuition and go there.

However, never forget that the point is not to get there in order to find something or someone, but to live and feel the present moment.

2. Let the things be as they are

Do not try to take the control over people and situations. Do not make plans and never expect anything, but always wish the best, breathe deeply and relax.

“When the things are out of control, take a break”.

Never look for something or someone. Let the people and situations come into your life spontaneously. Nothing comes without any reason or purpose.

3. Share the freedom

Be what you want to be, and let the others be what they want to be even if they are extremely different. Remember that all people have their own path and lectures they are supposed to learn. If your paths cross that would be great, if your paths diverge it would be also great, since everything that happens is for our own good.

4. Never be afraid of anything

Do your daily activities in different way. If you feel that you have to say or do something – do it and do not think of the formal obstacles such as: “But I already have a return ticket”, “I do not have the necessary amount of money” or “I will not succeed”.

Get rid of the fears and choose freedom.

5. Less is more

You cannot possess everything on earth and anytime you want. The things you really need will come into your life through your sisters, brothers, friends or strangers. Be always moderate in everything.

6. Never get too attached to other people

Otherwise you will not get the necessary experience intended for you. Anyway you would never stay alone since wherever you go you will find people who will amaze you and inspire you. When your paths diverge you would never reunite regardless of whether you will try to keep them or not. On the other hand you can never escape from those whom you have to stay with.

7. Let the things go

Smile, love and let the things go. Never think it is a kind of farewell since nothing is final. Just say “thank you and see you again”.

“You cannot lose something you do not have and you cannot get something which is already yours.”

8. Only water

Be like water. Remember the principle of the sea waves. They come and go. That principle applies to almost every situation or feeling, to all people and things. Nothing is stagnant. We live in a world that constantly moves and changes. Even if you think you are stuck in a routine it will change one day. We cannot make the things last forever, so do not even try to do that. Instead be thankful for the moment you are living in.

9. Follow your intuition

Listen to other people’s advice but always act the way you feel. If I had accepted other people’s advice I would have never gone to Varanasi. I would have never found the city of my dreams and I would have been still living in fear. Always listen to yourself. Always!

10. Have faith

Have confidence in people, in heaven, in God. Believe that everything that happens to you is for your own good even the worst moments in your life.

11. Devote a little time to yourself daily

Do the job you want, meditate, draw, write, go for a walk and enjoy the silence. Even couple of minutes will be enough to realize what you really need and what aspects of your life have been influenced by other people, by your own mind or by illusions.

12. Love yourself

Respect your desires, dreams and body. And never forget that YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING. Nothing is impossible.

13. Share your things with others

Always share your things with everyone, with your friends, with a beggar, with a dog and so on…. Never expect anything in return. My guru has said: “feeding only yourself has little benefit”.

14. Make a wish

Be really careful what you wish for since your wish may come true. Formulate your wishes precisely.

15. In order to put on a new skirt you have to wear up the old one first – in both literal and metaphorical sense.

16. Travel

Travel alone. That is the best way since wherever you go you will be always surrounded by many people.


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