Before Achieving Enlightenment Each Person Should Pass Through 10 Stages Of Awakening


Almost immediately, people who have awakened souls attract each other. When the encounter, they easily recognize each others’ vibrations.
If you are one of the people who have an awakened soul, you will almost immediately recognize other awakened souls everywhere. Some of these souls are fully awake, while others are at the beginning stages of their awakening.

If you have an awakened soul and you find someone struggling with his awakening process, it is your duty to help them on their way.

How does the awakening happen?

The process of awakening is a continuous process with some checkpoints or occurrences. These events gradually transform the life of the person going through the awakening process.

To understand the awakening path, you have to understand this process completely through each step.

Here are the stages of the awakening process:

• 1st stage – Restlessness

You feel restlessness inside your soul. You are irritated and frustrated with the things in your life. Everything seems to be heading sideways. You feel a strong desire from inside to change your life and get it back in control. Suddenly, you start to think about the idea that your life is in your own hands and it is your own responsibility. Therefore, you will start doing everything to take the control back.

Then, you start to understand that your own happiness does not depend on external circumstances or other people. Your desire and intention to regain control will activate your soul, your chakras and your energy. The process of awakening starts immediately when you open your eyes about reality.

• 2nd stage – epiphany

You start seeing life from a different perspective. You start to have ecstatic emotions such as the feeling of freedom, euphoria and bliss. However, despite these strong happy emotions, pain and sorrow are still present.

You come in contact with the emotions that were part of your past. You start questioning the decisions you made on how you should live your life. You are challenging and questioning everything.

• 3rd stage – push and pull

The third stage is a stage where the war starts. You are trying to decide between opening or closing your eyes. Gradually fear starts to appear inside of you. This happens because you are not prepared to face the consequences that you will encounter if you continue forward on the awakening path. To get into something unknown is scary when you are surrounded with destruction around you. Suddenly, everything loses meaning, including your beliefs and entire life. You feel stuck and restless.

You are realizing that your path has a shaky ground that may erupt at any point. This is a very important stage of the awakening process. Those who continue start to transform and those who stop go back and close their eyes to the truth. They continue to live in ignorance.
4th stage – darkness

You end up in darkness when everything around you collapses. However, you need to be surrounded by darkness in order to learn to understand the light. You may start feeling upset with the world, which is full of greed and poverty. Even the environment may disturb you. You start to question why these things are happening in the world and the environment around you.

You are depressed because of these realizations. You start to question who you can fit in the society. Inside you feel that you need to be alone and with nature. On the other side, you are feeling lost and alone. Nobody seems to understand the things you are dealing with. You have nothing to hold on. You are only left with the question who are you and the search for the answer to this question.

• 5th stage – connectedness

You have a feeling that you don’t need to change anything in the world. The world will change itself as you change yourself. Suddenly, the feeling of connectedness between the world and you starts to increase.

You attention shifts to gratitude, love and positive things. You have a huge desire to study and research metaphysical things and spirituality. You start doing this. The perception of the world changes as well. You realize that you have a higher purpose here on the planet Earth.

• 6th stage – synchronicity

You start to appreciate the connectedness of everything, the stars, the animals, the nature. You fill that you are part of the connectedness, the entire universe. Your consciousness is expanded and you start to understand the world better and more as a coherent unity.

Your physical abilities and intuition are more developed. With this, the connectedness and equality of all the things in the world seem simpler to understand. Your life starts to be full of synchronicity. You realize that your feelings, emotions and thoughts are what make reality. You gradually start to change and shift your lifestyle in order to support this understanding.

• 7th stage – self authenticity

In this stage of the awakening and awareness, you feel that you are one with the world. You start to understand your purpose in life more clearly. You are no longer interested in the material things you see. Your attention shifts to something more important, such as the power of intention and energy.

Your authentic self appears as you go towards your higher purpose in life. That purpose is to share your authentic self with the rest of the world.

• 8th stage – higher consciousness

Creativity and ideas start to develop in your mind at this stage. You are inspired and you are aware of your destiny.

Your life starts to change. You are totally prepared both spiritually and emotionally for the challenges in your life.

• 9th stage – co-creation

At this point, you realize that you are a co-creator with the divine. You can create bigger and better things as you work together with the energy.

You have better intuition and physical powers. You start to connect with your higher self, guardian angels and spiritual guides.

• 10th stage – unconditional love

You feel love, you are love and you radiate love. You realize that life is not forever and you need to enjoy it and experience it.

You realize that the awakening process is there to make your life more secure, more peaceful and easier.

If you see yourself in one of these stages, you are going through the process of awakening.


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