Stephen Hawking Has A Message For Those Who Suffer From Depression, And It’s Life-Changing


Stephen Hawking is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest minds of our time. He is an author, theoretical physicist, cosmologist and Director of the Theoretical Cosmology Center within the University of Cambridge.

He was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England. As a child he loved mathematics, but he preferred to study natural science at college. Unfortunately, at the age of 21 he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease that forced him to leave school. Although he was given only two years to live, he made the best of his situation and luckily, he survived.

He is now 74 and he has dedicated his entire life to the field of theoretical physics. At the beginning, he didn’t have any expectations regarding his survival but now he considers each day as a bonus and he knows that there is still so much to be grateful for.

Although it was difficult for him to accept and deal with his condition, his curious mind didn’t allow him to wallow in negativity. He has devoted his life to finding answers about the universe, Big Bang and other scientific theories.

In spite of the fact that he is wheelchair-bound, unable to move and speak, Hawking has found a way to communicate via technology.

At a recent lecture that took place at the Royal Institute in London, he shared a beautiful message trying to inspire and encourage people who suffer from depression. Namely, he made a comparison between depression and black holes and concluded that none of them is impossible to escape.

According to him, there is a way out since black holes are not as black as they seem. Things can get out of them easily because they are not eternal prisons like most of us think.

Therefore, he encouraged people by telling them not to give up. Working can help them to find purpose and meaning in life, since life is empty without it. He also added that they should never throw love away if they are lucky enough to find it.

When he was asked about the physical disabilities he is living with, he said that it would be a huge mistake if someone who struggles with disabilities wants to end his/her life. Regardless of how bad life may seem, there is still hope and something we can all succeed at.

He also added that people should never blame the world for their misfortune or expect others to take pity on them. Instead, they should create and maintain a positive attitude and take the best of that situation. In other words, they should concentrate on activities that do not require physical skills and abilities. According to him, theoretical work is ideal for disabled people.

Hawking finished his lecture by saying that he never considered his disabilities as an obstacle when it comes to his work. As he says, they even prevented him from doing the administrative work he really hates.

But the most important of all is that he wasn’t alone. His friends and family were his greatest support, thus making him feel worthwhile.


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