These 5 Ways Will Help You Stop Overthinking

The main reason for unhappiness is overthinking. It can also lead to some serious problems that have not existed before or that may not happen in the future at all. Most of those problems are mainly based on fear or concern; even though we believe that we protect and help ourselves by overthinking.

What we are actually doing is that we are being trapped by it immediately. If we start overthinking, it is really hard to suppress it.

Here are 5 ways to suppress overthinking:

1. Stop and concentrate only on the positive things that are happening right now

In this society, we have allowed overthinking and hostility to persist. However, only by concentrating on the positive things, or things that make us happy, we can make our mind to stop overthinking and to focus only on those positive things. You show know that to build a home, it takes only one brick at a time.

As a result of that, you will suppress overthinking and you will fell calmer, because you will not concentrate on the negative things that are happening around you. You should know that wherever attention goes, there energy flows – you can only suppress overthinking by being more careful about your thoughts.

2. Keep saying peaceful words to yourself during the whole day

Think about it right now… what do you think about?

Probably, you think about the things that you have to do now, or about someone who has made you angry, or maybe about some humiliating words about yourself. Even though there is a lot of negativity around us and it is not easy at all to concentrate only on the positive things, do not feel worried. Namely, you can suppress the negative, humiliating words with some positive, peaceful ones.

Whenever you feel anxious, focus on some peaceful things, like calmness, tranquil, love, relax, serenity, beach, light, breeze and so on. The words breeze and beach are related to scenery, which can also help you to suppress overthinking. Namely, the words are meaningful and powerful, so when you feel worried or anxious, use them repeatedly.

3. Mediate on a daily basis

On our web page, we advise people to do a lot of meditation, but with good purpose. Mediation helps people to stop thinking about everyday problems, and to move into a state of complete calmness. It is not necessary to turn your brain off in order to mediate, and a lot of people believe that their thoughts decrease gradually, when they mediate, so that they can easily observe themselves with closed eyes and controlled breathing. To add, meditation makes our body more aware, and prepares it to deal with the everyday challenges.

In case you want to be calmer and more peaceful, you should start meditating, or quietly sitting without concentrating on anything, but only on your breath for about 10 minutes per day on a regular basis. You will be very amazed how peaceful and relaxed you will be.

5. Live in the present

Try to forget about the tasks that you have to do today after work, or the bills that you have to pay the following week, or the unpredictability of the future that you haven’t got yet. When you only think about problems like this, it can lead to some serious diseases, or even to depression, stress, anxiety, or other similar problems.

Namely, anxiety is created when we live in a time different from now, so try to live in the present when your thoughts lead you somewhere else. You will find peace only when your thoughts will flow from one moment to another, as in the childhood.

6. Spend time in the countryside

You can relax your mind in the countryside. You can go in the countryside at the weekend or in the nearby park on the lunch break. In case you feel anxious, think about going on a holiday, on some distant place away from all your problems. You will definitely have great benefits from you connection with the countryside, and it will also help you to realize that we are the ones who create the stress that we feel in our minds or bodies.

We live in a harmonic place, and the things that we perceive around us are only an illusion. As nature does not stumble through the life, we do not have to, as well. You do not have to worry about the unimportant things in life, because peace does not lie in belongings or numbers.

To be honest, peace lies within the human heart, and the Mother Earth can remind you of it, by giving you inspiration from the uneasiness of the modern society.

You will not find Wi-Fi in the countryside, but you will find much better connection. Have you got some other advice to add to this list?


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