How Do Strong People Deal With High Depression

A great number of people experience high-functioning depression daily, even though we are aware of it or not.

Of course, to us, they may seem as a very normal person, but, in fact, what we do not usually notice is their intolerable burden. We encounter these people every day, even though we do not notice them at first. They can be distinguished by their laugh and smile, their shining eyes and the feeling of safeness, when we are close to them.

Also, their outlook shows you that they live a completely perfect life. They are the people who have been telling you about their dreams for years, and today, their dreams come true. At first, you notice that they have everything that they have ever wished, and that they have fought for it.

However, there are some things that we are not aware of. When they are on their own, they are completely different. You will not notice their laugh and smile, but their tears. Even though crying is not something that we should be ashamed of, these people usually cry when they are alone, so that the others do not go through the same things as they did.

The reason why they cry is to obtain some inner energy, so that they can go ahead. The reason why they cry is the necessity of rest that they will never have. The reasons why they cry are the numerous bills and the insufficient money, despite their permanent work. The reason why they cry is the emptiness that they feel from the inside, and that breaks their soul into pieces.


Just imagine a person who is suffering from depression? Is he / she able to get out of his / her bed? Is he / she missing school? Is he / she spending time alone? Is he / she constantly crying? Namely, this is the image, which is created in our minds by the pharmaceuticals and the culture, – and that represents a real problem. Usually, depression is similar to this description, even though it is often more complex.

Depression usually lies behind good school marks and happy smiles. It can successful grew up a child, do the housework, and cook tasty meals. It can increase the company’s profit. It attends classes, goes out with friends, and arrives at work on time, etc. Namely, depression is like all these. Even though, depression hides within us, depression also hides from us. It destroys the human beings from the inside, before they know about it.

High-functioning depression is harmful because it is still. It hides behind the perfectionism. It persuades us not to look for any help. In the anti-depressant commerce, we do not appear us helpless. We are the thinker. We are the caretakers. We hasten board meetings.

We attend classes. We make profits at work. We are not helpless at all. We do not cry. We do not spend our time in bed, wasting it, not being able to face up the world. We are acting. We do not ask for help, even though the voices from the inside get louder and louder. Depression destroys our lives. Even though, we attend our children’s game, we are mentally not there.

We get more desperate. Except with the dark joke and critics, we keep it inside of us. We do not ask for help, because no one will believe that we urgently need it.

Depression may lead to isolation from the closest ones. It leads us to retreat. It can also prevent us to be with the loved ones, even though we are physically there. It can also annoy us, so that we make harsh jokes and comments.

Henry W. Longfellow stated that every man has got hidden grief that the world is not aware of, and usually a sad man is called a cold man. Depression makes us feel lonely in a plenty of ways. Also, vice versa, our loneliness makes us feel depressed in a lot of ways.

Katie McGarry stated that crying on the streets or tearing your own clothes was not the worst type of crying. The worst one is when the human soul is completely broken, so that nothing can comfort it. Asking for help is not the same as confessing defeat. Namely, it is the contrary. The most difficult thing to do is to ask for help. But, it gives us strength. It may also give our life back. So, in case you suffer from depression, do not allow to beat you up, but fight against it.

People with high-functioning depression still smile, because they have some hope in their lives. For example, their friends give them unconditional love, which they abundantly need. They smile because their dreams have come true. They smile because they are sure that things will get better in the future.

As we mentioned, we encounter these people every day. They are our family, our neighbors, our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, our partners or our bosses. They are completely aware of the fact that they are not perfect, but every day they struggle up to get better. On interesting thing about these people is that they first notice that the needs of the others are done before their own.


Namely, the reason why depression is spread through very quietly is that it is not easily detected or treated. Here are 7 signs of depression that can prevent it to increase.

1. Changed habits and routines

When you are healthy, you may need an hour to get ready, or you may get out in 10 minutes. For this cause, the way of your personal care will be totally different for each person. A woman may choose a baseball cap instead of curled hair. Here, what is important is the change itself, not the human habits.

2. Becoming indecisive

Every day, we make numerous decisions. Yoghurt or cereals? The black T-shirt or the green one? Depression may be the main reason for these overcoming tiny decisions.

3. Daydreaming

Even though daydreaming is considered a useful creative tool, it can also be a sigh of depression. When people are happy, they live in their reality. However, when they are not, they turn to daydreaming in order to escape from their reality. People should be more careful of their daydreaming because it may cause unhappiness.

4. Being fascinated with the social media

Using web pages, such as Facebook, we are able to create a version of a life we wish we had. It also gives an opportunity to escape from the reality. To add, it also inspires us to compare ourselves with the others. This may lead to dissatisfaction and low self-respect.

5. Consuming alcohol

Nearly a third of the people who suffer from depression get dependent on alcohol. Alcohol can also be the cause of depression, and even make it worse. In case there is an increased consummation of alcohol, it can be a sign of depression.

6. Your clothes get tighter

A lot of studies have shown that depression may lead to weight gain. People eat more due to stress. They do not have motivation to do exercises. They do not like to cook, so they take fast food. Also, weigh gain can lead to low self-respect and feeling of being hopeless. Despite increased consummation of alcohol, depression can cause overeating.

7. Pain in the back, headaches or stomachaches

According to the researches, nearly 75 % of the people with depression also suffer from chronic pain. Even though pain can lead to depression, depression makes us more sensible to chronic pain, compared to the healthy people. To add, when we suppress our emotions, they are often manifested physically.

Barbara Kingsolver said that if a person is just sad, he /she should be treated for depression. According to her sadness is like cold, it passes. But, depression is similar to cancer, if it is not treated, it will not pass.

Depression is exhausting state that prevents people to perform their everyday activities. You have to be careful of these signs:

– Are they getting easily irritated or overactive?
– Are they nervous?
– Have they begun to depreciate things that they have considered important?
– Do they believe that they waste their time?
– Are they self-abusive?

What is important for people with high-functioning depression is to know that they are not left on their own, to know that someone looks after them.






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