8 Signs Showing You Have A Strong Personality That Is Scaring Most Of The People


You have probably met people who are independent and have powerful personality. Sometimes may be hard to like these people. However, this is because we might not understand them completely.

Often these people may seem overly opinionated, rude and aggressive. It feels like they want to make you feel unimportant and they want to dominate you. However, this is not true.

These are not the traits of people with strong personality. When you try to know them, you will see that these are emotionally available people.

They don’t want to be better than someone else. They just cannot stand when someone is trying to use them, abuse them or walk over them.

They seem intimidating because they have huge self-confidence and they don’t need validation from others.

Here are the signs of a powerful personality.

• You are cautious and picky about the people that come into your life

A person with a powerful personality does not rely on others to define him/her. Therefore, these people are picky about who they let get into their lives. These people have great self-esteem and connection with themselves. They get along with people, but precisely know what they want from their social exchanges and relationships. They won’t settle for something less.

Even if these people are still defining their identity, they don’t need someone else to point out their capabilities and goals.

• You hate trivial conversations

Conversations about the weather and similar stuff are uncomfortable and almost unbearable. A person with a strong personality has a lot of deep and innovative ideas to share. He won’t spend time talking about trivial stuff.

You are good at small talks, but conversations without meaning are not for a person with a powerful personality.

However, small talk is something necessary in our society. It supposes to be fun and not include any personal questions. It is definitely not authentic and unique.

It is often boring, since people spend time talking without knowing each other at all. Therefore, people with powerful personalities often can’t wait to get through with it.

• You are disgusted by willful ignorance, idiocy and insensitivity

Powerful personalities are well informed and thoughtful. They spend a lot of time thinking so they get irritated when someone judges something without knowing anything about it.

This is one of the best traits of powerful personalities because they can teach people to think and consider what they say before saying it out loud.

• Excuses are not acceptable

Strong personalities cannot tolerate excuses and hate spending time hearing someone complaining about something that cannot be done.

These people are all about the action and overcoming obstacles. They are concentrated on the solutions rather than on the problems. They are always trying to be better.

• They know how to listen

Even though most people listen in order to respond, powerful personalities listen with an open heart and mind. However, people may be intimidated when someone listens and encourages them, because they are not used to this.

• They don’t need superficial attention

People may think that strong personalities enjoy attention, but this is not true. They receive attention only because they are strong both on emotional and intellectual level.

• No irrational fears

Strong personalities may have fears, but these fears are not irrational, unhealthy or obsessive. These people face their fears and control them, instead of letting the fear control their life.

• Insecurities are opportunities

Strong personalities see their insecurities as a way to improve themselves, learn, grow and evolve.
Most people have insecurities, but people with powerful personalities refuse to let their insecurities ruin their life.


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